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Understand How the Commission Works for Travel Agents. How long have you been a Travel Agent? Can you create detailed plans to keep people out of lines? I mentioned before that Destination Magic calls their agents Magic Makers. And thats true. Hi Crissandra! Host Agencies also take a small cut from your commission. If an agency is too small, they probably dont have any brand recognition or marketing budget to bring clients to you. Anyone who expects to be a hired as Disney travel agent must be well-versed in all Disney Destinations. Hi! The Pros & Cons of Using a Travel Agent. Becoming a Disney travel agent may entail morning, afternoon, and nighttime phone calls or correspondence, so having this flexibility and availability is important to a host agency. Agents usually receive a higher commission on clients they find themselves vs. leads given to them from the agency. Here is a list of our partners. Are you a fan of Disney? All of their services are free, and you can easily get a vacation quote by visiting their website! Or the owner might be overly reliant on you or demand too much. NerdWallet strives to keep its information accurate and up to date. You are expected to respond as soon as you are able to. Here are some of the main benefits to becoming a Disney travel advisor: First and foremost, being a Disney Travel agent is a job. The highest-performing travel agents are officially recognized by Disneys EarMarked program. Disney travel agencies want you to have a quiet home office and reliable technology to work with. When choosing an agency, your top priorities are to ensure they are an authorized Disney vacation planner, have tons of knowledge and experience, and make you feel completely comfortable with turning over the entire Disney World planning process to their agency. Commission-based jobs typically reward those who are self-starters and put in the time and effort to find new clients. They do not charge for their services as they only make their money through the commission Disney pays them for booking vacations. Small agencies might not have the infrastructure, technology, or business savvy of larger agencies. Most Host Agencies will allow you to book many different destinations. They have tons of fantastic customer reviews and plenty of information to read through on their website. I created a marketing plan template for my free email course. You should create a marketing plan before you start applying to Agencies. Look for Authorized Disney Vacation Planner Agencies, You may notice that some agencies promote themselves as. That led employers to report a willingness to continue work-from-home after the pandemic. As their travel planner, these hassles now become your responsibility. The Ultimate Guide to Disney World Travel Agents Our favorite people over at Small World Vacations are ready to help you save time, headaches, and best of all, money, when you book your Disney trip or cruise. Unsubscribe at any time. The sole notion Share the Magic exists is for one reason: to In a nutshell, they want all the good qualities and none of the bad! Most of our work is web-based, both within this agency, in our marketing, and with Disney. Watch, A Disney travel planners universe of knowledge should never be limited to just. The best percentage splits you can expect to find will be around 80/20 (agent/agency). Michael has been visiting Disney World since he was a kid. Please note that we are not tax experts and we urge you to consult a tax advisor before writing off these types of expenses. well-traveled within the Disney destinations. WebDisney Destinations Travel Agency Sales (Disney Travel News). Mickey Travels is also one of the top Disney travel agencies out there. Types of Disney World Annual Passes. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. By Amanda Norcross. When planning a trip to Disney World, celebrities (and anyone looking for VIP treatment) know that the best thing to do is to work with an experienced and knowledgeable travel agent. Therefore, effective Disney travel planners should not only be computer savvy but also be social media savvy. If you would like to become a Vacationeer and you think you have what it takes, please visit to apply. This will help them create a memorable vacation for your family and truly have the best experience at the happiest place on Earth. Some of the best reasons to become a travel agent include the benefits that youll receive, such as special access to discounted hotel rates. However, some agencies spend their own resources to market their brand and bring in new clients. I dont have a business degree and I was able to set up a plan for myself that helped me attract plenty of clients in my first year. To a Disney fanatic, being a Disney travel agent may sound like the ultimate dream. Basically, what youll want to do is research Host Agencies using a few of the resources Ive listed below. These types of agencies are usually more interested in making money off you from the get-go than making you a valuable team member. Training should always be provided by your host agency free of charge. Reviews are an extremely important factor as a client and as a job seeker. Mouseketrips is a small agency that have earned their right to label themselves as an authorized Disney vacation planner. Feel free to email me at and we can set something up. As expected, theyre a little more difficult to get into because they are popular. I expand on this article in great detail and help you motivate through the process. The Vacationeer is currently seeking new Disney agents to join their growing team. This agency is also incredibly focused on each customer, taking you step by step through the planning process and ensuring all of your needs are met! These types of fees should never exceed a few hundred dollars. As a Disney travel agent, you will be responsible for marketing your own services. You should have good training and the owner should be available to answer your questions. Here are a few things you should expect when applying for Disney travel agent jobs. What Disabilities Qualify for DAS at Disney World? Adventures by Disney are guided vacation packages thatll take you all around the world. OK92033) Property & Casualty Licenses, NerdWallet | 55 Hawthorne St. - 11th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105. Once thats done youre in. Having a plan will assure them you have an idea as to how to get clients. Do you consider yourself an expert on Universal? Thank you for these tips! Some agencies pay to advertise their brand at no cost to their agents so this certainly is a bonus from an agents standpoint. Certification programs vary in terms of cost, time commitment and requirements. Great tips! A high-quality brand known for its personalized, in-depth vacation planning. One-on-one help from the moment you join the team and start your business, as well as through any step along the way Any marketing advice and strategies you need Commission splits with increases based on experience and productivity Opportunities for both Disney knowledge training and business training A team atmosphere, including a Facebook support group and more. The flexibility to work when you want, where you want, and with the clients that you want. Also, check out the Authorized Disney Vacation Planner Agency Locator here for more ideas! I appreciate that so many travel planners here seem to have a good sized bio, and you can send a direct email to anyone that catches your eye. Every team member has graduated from the Disney School of Knowledge and are also Disney-junkies! Ears of Experience isnt playing around either, as they boast over 170 Mouse Experts (travel planners) that can help you with all your needs for your upcoming trip. Travel agents should balance calmness and friendliness to put the client at ease while also having the confidence/forcefulness to make decisions and close the sale, so to speak. You have a responsibility to your client to provide them with excellent service and you are paid for the service you provide. You must possess excellent attention to detail when you book travel, as one slight error can complicate or even ruin a Disney trip. This includes free theme park tickets, discounted rates at official Disney hotels and even savings on cruises. Im sure there are a few more questions floating around in your head right about now. The more trips you book the more money you will make. Youve found the place where dreams come true. Some Disney agencies might ask you if your friends and family seek out your advice when planning their Disney vacations. It helps to have a large circle of friends, family, and acquaintances to pitch your services to once you become a Disney travel agent. Disney World Without a Smartphone: Can It Be Done? With a few exceptions, being a Disney travel agent is much more flexible than most jobs. The Vacationeer is one of the elite agencies that focus on Disney vacations. Theme Parks for Grown-Ups LLC is an independent affiliate of Nexion LLC. Honor and build on the foundation of ongoing environmental justice work. Namely, any Disney vacation you go on is tax-deductible as a research expense. Newsletters are old school and not as flashy as social media. They also serve as a way to build comradery within a travel agency. Depending on the agency, it can also provide marketing support and send leads to you. The 7 Best Disney World Souvenirs Youll Want to Buy. Its no surprise that Disney travel agent jobs require a passion for Disney Destinations. Are there specific destinations you like to book? Disney has their hands in a lot of different travel markets including adventure travel, adult-only experiences, weddings, honeymoons, and more. Thank you so much for this. . We also welcome experienced agents to apply. The goal is to limit your stress, so its nice to know that you have a variety of different agents at your disposal who might be a great fit for your personality and planning process. I explain in detail the pros and cons of charging a fee versus giving out free quotes in the 5-day challenge. You can use word of mouth, social media, paid ads, wedding expos, and even blogging or vlogging. When you file for taxes, youll fill out a 1099 form rather than a W-4. They have in-depth knowledge of everything happening in the parks and can make top-notch recommendations based off of your familys interests. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Click the box below to request a free, no-obligation quote from the Disney Travel experts. We also explain the best Disney travel agencies to work for and the types of things a travel agency looks for in the hiring process. I use all of these methods to advertise my services, but I primarily use my blog to get my name out there. If you are planning on going again soon, then I suggest asking your travel agent for some pro tips and insights in order to learn more about booking your next trip yourself! Effective agents are calm, cool, and collected, as well as upbeat, articulate, and helpful. Depending on how many trips you book and the total dollar value of the trips, you can certainly make a good income in this profession. Whether you charge a planning fee or not, you will still be earning a commission from Disney and it will come at no extra cost to your clients. I advise taking at least one trip in the future to get a feel for the theme parks. Disney can still be your specialization, but this way you can widen your client pool. It helps to have a large friend-base, to begin with, because the more connections you already have established, the more potential clients are just one instant message or Facebook share away. Read more. Types of Disney World Annual Passes. Nearly all Disney travel agents work from home. Small World Vacations is also known for their prompt responses to all of your concerns! Whatever your reason for wanting to become a Disney travel agent, youll need to first become a certified travel agent and then complete Disneys specialized training program. If 50 agents had qualified, 50 would be listed. The Ultimate Guide to Disney Cruise Line for Adults, What's it like being a Disney and Universal Travel Planner? Our Disney travel agents specialize in planning Disney vacations. Comp tickets are complimentary tickets given to travel agencies as a way to promote their resort. This is yet another reason to seek out a job with a high-level Disney travel agency (youll have more perks and freebies coming your way). If youre not already a certified travel agent. This invite-only program grants you extra support and perks such as additional complimentary theme park tickets. What could be more rewarding than getting paid to do what you love? Stay tuned for o, Its a sunny day at Disney World. However, for the most part, Disney travel agents are left in the cold to fend for themselves when it comes to acquiring new clients. The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Being a Disney or Universal Travel Planner. This elite ranking gives the client extra assurance that they will be dealing with a Disney-approved agency. You can also feel good about working with Be Our Guest Vacations as they donate a portion of their earnings from every vacation to the Make A Wish Foundation. The worst call you can make to a client is I screwed up.. Kids of all ages and backgrounds want to have a magical Disney or Universal experience, but kids with special needs require a different type of planning (and that, perhaps, can induce a different level of stress for parents). By Amanda Norcross. Although you are called a Disney Travel Agent (or Planner), you are not an employee of the Walt Disney Travel Youll be able to control your own schedule. Disney Travel | Tropical Travel | Disney Destinations | Our Team | Join the Team, 2021 THE ENCHANTED TRAVELER. Its less than youd make if you were operating on your own, but it may be worth it for the added support and access to interested clients. Or have you ever dreamed of using your in-depth knowledge of Disney destinations as a career?Then as a Disney focused travel agent, you can begin crafting truly magical vacations for your clients. Overall, the various choices you get (in terms of agents) as a potential client is quite nice, because the goal of Destination Magic is to take the burden of planning a vacation off your back. Once you've completed a program, you can choose to join a travel agency or operate on your own with a small business. This means that if you had a client taking a $5,000 vacation, Disney would pay the travel agency $500. They are also a Diamond level authorized Disney Vacation Planner Travel Agency which means they are one of the best of the best when it comes to booking epic Disney vacations! invite travel professionals to the park so they can learn first-hand what an area has to offer. Mickey Travels is one of the highest rated Disney vacation travel agencies for a reason, and I highly recommend using them for your next visit! These companies are registered Disney travel agents who screen individuals on their Disney experience and knowledge. Our opinions are our own. For more Disney-related articles, feel free to browse through Magic Guidesextensive list of pages likeHow to Plan a Disney Vacation,Disney World Map, and use ourDisney World Crowd Calendarto book your clients once you become a Disney travel agent! Once you've completed a program, you can choose to join a travel agency or operate on your own with a small business. Do they like working there? sign up for my newsletter first right here! The Pros and Cons. For now, lets focus on joining a Host Agency because thats what most Disney Specialists end up working with. Its no surprise that Disney travel agent jobs require a passion for Disney Destinations. We also explain the, 1. MagicGuidesis a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Mailing Address: 310 Almond street, Suite 315 Clermont, FL 34711, Copyright 2022 Magic Guides | All Rights Reserved, Best Disney World Stroller Rental Companies, Countries in EPCOT: Guide to World Showcase, Disney World Deals: Discounts and Coupon Codes, Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. Ask friends about their experiences and recommendations. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and are an authorized Disney trip planner. Youll earn a commission on all successful bookings. Without going into too much detail, these are booking numbers given to Agents or Agencies who have sold a certain amount of travel. CONTACT.CST#2116880-70 WST#603 209 043 Fla. We recommend that you steer clear of any agency that pays out less than 50% to begin with. To get you started, Ill briefly describe the process of starting your career as a Travel Agent that specializes in theme park vacations. I'm so thankful for this opportunity to work under a strong and encouraging agency, and the autonomy to work my own hours and build my business at my pace. Their agents are frequent park goers that offer unmatched guidance for your upcoming trip, and will be able to answer any and all questions you may have. This will help them a lot when booking your magical vacation. So much of this business comes from word of mouth. Friends and Family discounts are also available. Ears of Experience was founded over a decade ago by Amy Westerman. Disney travel agents must be well-versed and insightful when it comes to Disney Destinations. And yes this applies to Disneys own branded hotels, in addition to other properties, cruises and excursions that include: The discounts youll receive will vary based on where youre going, but you can expect to save up to 50% on your travel. You have the freedom to work in your sweatpants (or the freedom to work in no pants at all!). WebTravel agents make their living from a small commission paid by the travel supplier (in this case, Disney) for the resort hotel rooms, theme park passes and vacation packages they Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The secondary benefit is that most Host Agencies offer some marketing tools, booking tools, and sometimes even training. I worked with Dana and she has been incredible. See the next section to learn more about how commission works in this industry. Since your compensation is entirely commission-based, an effective marketing strategy will be key to your success. Youre Hired! Therefore, agencies want to know if youve actually been to some of these places youll be promoting. Check out the Google and Facebook reviews to get an idea of what people are saying. When evaluating offers, please review the financial institutions Terms and Conditions. There are some tax benefits to being a Disney travel agent. Sometimes a client will call or text in the early morning or at night. Thank you. Typically, working with a Disney travel agent should be completely free as they are paid a commission from Disney for assisting you with your vacation.

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