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Best Japanese Makeup Brushes: Quick Summary. One question though have you ever considered taking one picture of the brushes you review held next to/on your face (mimicking application)? Japanese Makeup Brushes Vs Normal Makeup Brushes. My preference is for the G5523 $27 because its sleeker and more controlled. Something you can skip entirely? I am ready to order after seeing this and the rave reviews! Hiya! Good to hear, Laura! 10 Best Japanese Hair Dyes 2023 | Japanese Dyes That Also Nourish Your Hair! The makeup brush works well with contouring your face. Hakuhodo Eyeshadow Brush Round H3859 / J146. Although the measurements and pictures on the site are helpful I sometimes get surprised when my order arrive. The first on the list of this best Japanese makeup brushes is the hakuhodo brushes. But a lot of its beauty and essence is lost in translation. The next one on the list of best Japanese brushes is the Chikuhodo kumano brushes. This brand is Canadian; they are so tough, look super chic and clean with ease. It is also available as S104 ($94) or B104 ($66) with black bristles. Eyeshadow and eyeliner brushes range from $14 to $81 with many brushes between $15 and $30. Handcrafted by artisans in Japan, Hakuhodo makes stunning natural-hair brushes that makeup artists obsess over and collect (Stiles has had some of her brushes for 20 years!). Real Techniques Setting Brush ($7.99, synthetic) This is probably my favorite drugstore/affordable brush. Next-generation makeup brushes made with carefully selected materials in specially designed the shapes. Tapered brushes are perfect for contour and crease work, says Stroh referring to areas like cheekbones and eye creases. Each brush is carefully made by a team of outstanding craftsmen and skilled workers with decades of experience who have honed their skills to create the ultimate makeup tool. I really appreciate that youve done a review on these brushes. The general rule of thumb in makeup brushes is synthetic brushes are best for liquids and creams, while natural brushes are best for powders. S100 Series. I prefer synthetic bristles for concealernatural hair types hold too much product and prevent it from sweeping evenly across your skin. . Given that the Japanese defend their hunting of whales in the southern oceans every year with the most cruel methods possible, I choose not to buy anything from that country that has an animal component. Each brush handle is finished with rich v ermilion lacquer and the ferrule is plated with 24k gold, then protected by a clear . I am sensitive and oily skin, I found squirrel hairs are better for me Theres the black handle version called the S531Bk for $109. Whether you're going for everyday makeup or you want to contour and sculpt, the best makeup brushes [+] will take your look to the next level. Japanese makeup brushes are made to fit and use for every design and create dramatic as well as natural looks. off-topic question, or need technical support, please The makeup brush has a round shape so it moves smoothly on your skin. (This is really true for any beauty product or anything that is more expensive than the norm.) Of the 10, a couple are best sellers but most of them are brushes that I dont really hear being spoken about. There are several brushes for several purposes such as powder brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush, etc. Another great feature of the Mizuho Brush is its versatility. It goes without saying, these makeup brushes look absolutely gorgeous. Availability. With this one, you can buff in the concealer easily, especially if you have a spot to cover up, says Stiles. This brush looks fabulous! Best Hakuhodo Brushes is a ten-piece brush set empowers you to achieve the outcome that you want. I own three 217 and the newest one is the worst. But I think its a little bit pricy. The tapered tip allows for precise application, while the dense bristles help to blend the product seamlessly into the skin. quite versatile as well (highlight, blush, bronzer, powder, finishing blending). 4) G5528 $30. Like any beauty tool, the best makeup brushes can vary enormously in price. That being said I do have this brush myself but havent used it for a while. That depends on your goals, says Stiles. Portable Brush. The J5523 is out of stock and its top of my list! Its a good eraser. (Softness is not the be-all, end-all of brush quality; it is just one factor to consider.) We earn commission on sales tracked from our links and codes. Some of them are also made with PBT synthetic hair. This is identical in shape to the highly-recommended, now discontinued, K005, which was made of weasel hair. I really love these brushes and I think its great that Christine is doing reviews for them now! Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates. It does an amazing job at blending the edges of the eyeshadow just a few swipes and you are ready to go. Very Dry skin. Please help us streamline the comments' section and be more efficient: double-check the post above Hakuhodo's Flagship Brush Series. Theres some springiness to the brush that enables it to be pressed and feathered across the skin with ease. What it is : pointed blue squirrel and horse hair pencil brush. Free shipping for many products! Whereas blush brushes are generally more fanned out, contouring ones should be dome-like so you dont deposit the product in a place you dont want to, says Stiles. Im the main author of Japan Truly. If you want to invest in a nice brush, I'd start with some of these. Hmm, I dont have this but I do have the B104 (the one with the dyed goat hair but the same shape); I love the shape because I can put loose powder on, set it, and take the excess off with just one brush. They result in smooth application and give natural looks. I would do it all so differently! Sacred Eagle In Japanese Mythology: The Mystical Splendor of Amenohiwashi-no-kami. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Hakuhodo Kumano Dusting Brush Kebo goat hair at the best online prices at eBay! Welcome to the fluffy side! 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Best Blush Brush: MAC Cosmetics 159S Synthetic Duo Fibre Brush. I find it far superior to the MAC 217. Yes! Best Blush Brushes for Medium, Buildable Coverage. And its funny because I am quite happy to shell out on makeup (which gets used up) but not willing to do so for brushes (which last for years and years). Normally Im all about precision when it comes to tapered brushes because there's more versatility. 9.5/10. They are from S100 series, G series, J series and also japanese traditional series. Theyre the originals, and a lot of them come with shorter handles, says Stroh. Those are both harder to obtain in the states (not impossible), so I really appreciate that you can purchase Hakuhodo direct from the company, and even better, they ship from within the U.S. so youre not getting gouged or having to deal with exchange rates. Theyve been mentioned here and there by the youtube gurus but its nice to see a comprehensive review. The makeup brush looks real sleek and fancy as well. My team and I tested 20+ Japanese makeup brushes on the type of hair, quality, design and cost. The brushes bristles are designed to be long lasting and give you the most out of your beauty products. The brush head is 50mm in length, 45mm in width (at the top) / 20mm in width (at the base), and 20mm in thickness. The only pricey brush Im even considering now is the new one from Tarte that is for applying their new mineral powder foundation (and Im not even sure Ill spend for that Ill use my RT, Sephora or IT Cosmetics buffing/flat tops first). For face brushes they are all equally great in quality, only thing would be great to consider is your skin type, as white goat hair like the J110 is great for oily skins and blue squirrel in the G5545 is great for sensitive skin. Im so glad that youve been posting a galore of brush reviews, Christine! Great at highlight, blush, contour. Price. Is SK-II Cheaper In Japan? To all who are considering hakuhodo brushes, dont get it, youll be better off with mac, nars, bobbi brown etc. Thank you! The S series uses wood handles colored in rich vermilion and the brass ferrule is plated with 24-karat gold with a clear coating; the brush handle also comes to a slanted point at the end. 7,000 / popular . Support us by Sharing It! Not cheap: Hakuhodo brushes aren't cheap, but they are price competitive with other brush brands in the mid end tier like MAC. What it is: small round, domed face brush made of kazan squirrel, Why I love it: very soft and plush: pure luxury. Love our content? I LOVE them. How I use it: detail application of eye shadow, detail work (such as smudging pencil liner or cream liners), applying winged shadow liner. S146 Eye Shadow Brush round. The B133 ($32) and S133Black ($35) are sold out. If an exception is granted, within 7 days from the date of receipt and the package is opened but it has never been used, HAKUHODOUSA.COM reserves the right to refuse the return or impose a 20% restocking fee. A lip brush, which Stiles feels is unnecessary. You can easily compare and choose from the 10 best hakuhodo eye brushes for you. For applying bronzer, you want one that is large, on the flatter side, fluffy and soft so that it applies a natural sun-kissed tint to the skin. It can be used for applying eyeliner, filling in brows, or contouring the cheeks. I use most of them for tasks that they are not designated for but Ill dive into those details as i talk about each brush. The brushes are handmade and designed to be light and easy to handle. My 210 blush brush STILL turns water this ugly grey/black even after washing several times so its a pain to use with any cream or liquid product. Keeping them clean is super important and can extend the life of most brushes, she says. This Japanese makeup brush works exceptionally well with liquid makeup brushes. What a shame that they have rested on that laurel as well. Comments that do not adhere to our Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 4-in-1 Multi-Tasker Makeup Brush Holliday Gift NICE J0N8 at the best online prices at eBay! Curious how two shades compare to each other? I love white goat brushes. expectations and then disappoint readers as even products that are swatched don't always end up a review will be posted as we can't commit to or guarantee product reviews. Deep, Neutral, slight pink undertones. Light Medium, Neutral, slight yellow undertones. The Foundation Matrix is designed to help. How I use i: roll the sides of the brush in a mid tone eye shadow, dip the tip in a dark eyeshadow jam the brush perpendicularly into the socket and swipe back and forth viola! These Hakuhodo makeup brushes will definitely make your everyday makeup routine enjoyable and fun. This fee is for sterilizing and repacking in Japan. Learn more about her review process here. Thanks again! Its one of the best Japanese makeup brushes and its designed in such a way that it makes it easy to fill the wrinkles. K021 Eye Shadow Brush round an. Jaybirdwalking has been on indefinite hiatus because life happens and Ive been occupied with other projects. Dont get me wrong. You can use these brushes to apply both pressed and loose powder. With the support of 87,732 customer's reviews, we hope that this article can give you the most realistic view on these products. I actually studied Japanese and always loved exploring the many crafts that come from the country. Support Temptalia by shopping the retailers below! I picked up the J104, but you can find the same shape in the B series ($66) and S series ($94), with the latter two having black goat hair compared to white goat hair. Thanks for the review Christine! Professional makeup artists from the US absolutely love this Japanese makeup brush. This brush can be used for a wide range of makeup applications, from applying powder and blush to contouring and highlighting. 20 Best Japanese Collagen Supplement 2023 | Strengthen Your Skin, Hair, And Nails! Hakuhodo Kumano Brush Makeup Brush New Three Sacred Treasures With Case Japan. 5 years ago. And if you dont, you can buy directly from their own branded products. Ive been using Hakuhodo brushes for years and years and have never had that problem with any of them. Hakuhodo G5522 Tapered Eyeshadow Brush ($28.00) is a large, tapered crease brush made out of blue squirrel and goat hairs. The J110 (meant for blush) is my favorite powder brush, but its not quite as essential for me since other brushes also work for powder. The angled brush part is great for applying brow powders and creams, and the spoolie end is perfect for blending in brow pencils, says Stiles. Do they kill them? . I absolutely love the J series, but I think I might prefer a black brush for powder (plan on using it for my NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder, I currently use MAC 150). We also import squirrel and weasel (sable) hairs from suppliers in the EU and Asian countries. You can also buy them in California, but its in their office so you have to make an appt. For those most familiar with MAC brushes, this is most comparable to MACs 150 brush. It might be because I have smaller asian eyes with only a part crease so its quite hard to get proper placement with larger brushes. Most Japanese makeup brushes are handmade and use natural animal hair like goat, squirrel, or horsehair. There will be no hassle when applying makeup and youll be ready for the day like never before. Ive heard that Hakuhodo has plans to open a store in New York in a few years btw. The J series was really the one I wanted to try. Ava Sato Looking forward to reviews of other brushes. If the bristles are soft and dont fall out then you know its a good quality brush. This review came about two hours too late, lol, I placed a Hakuhodo order earlier today. Crafted from the finest natural bristles and perfectly balanced thanks to the weighted wood handles, our S Series brushes are sumptuous to hold and use. My biggest hesitation has always been 1) so many to choose from (without seeing in person and lack of a fantastic return policy), and 2) I already spent so much on my previous brushes, so hard to spend twice as much to get more brushes that I may or may not use (and there are definitely shapes Ive bought that I know I wont use often and some that may replace other brushes I have). Of the Japanese artisan brush companies, Hakuhodo is probably the most well-known. Light Medium, Neutral undertones. Hakuhodo states that they are cruelty-free . The majority of the CSq brushes are already sold out on Hakuhodo USAs website. Hakuhodo spoolie is sturdy, while Chikuhodo Z-10 has a more tapered tip compared to my other pencil brushes. Best Brushes for Packing on Eyeshadow. As a rule, you cannot return opened, non-defective items, but we will always try to get an exception for you. All purchases of materials and supplies strictly adhere to Japans Welfare and Management of Animals Act, as well as any related international laws. I can hear you all asking: where is the J5523? I have quite a few Hakuhodo brushes, and I think theyre fantastic! 6.3k Views. Made of white goat hair, this makeup brush can be used to apply powder or liquid foundation as well as a face mask. This brush range is comprised of selected shapes that will do the work for you so that you can apply makeup anywhere. When I received my Hakus, I dumped my Nars..LOL. The right dome-shaped powder brush, for example, will spread particles evenly across your complexion without obvious streaks, while a tapered eyeliner brush will enhance your gaze rather than make you look tired by transferring flecks of dark pigment under your lashes. Thank you for understanding! Ive been looking at the hakuhodo brushes for a while but couldnt decide what to get since their website has such a large selection. off topic:: I am loving with Chikuhodo and Tanseido more LOL. I love everything Japan and love testing out Japanese products, be it skincare and makeup or gadgets! How I use it: target powdering, ombre blush, highlight, contour, What it is: paddle, face brush made of long blue squirrel hair, Why I love it: fantastic value for a blue squirrel powder brush. 4. The shape is extremely versatile and I use it every single day. You may opt-out by. 29 products. Normal-to-Dry skin. Its super silky and dense. comment policy may be The customer service is outstanding. Not just that, different makeup products require different makeup brushes as well. Get the best viral stories straight into your inbox! 1 . Hakuhodo brushes are made using high-quality materials that are sourced from cruelty-free suppliers. 28th April 2023, 9:36 pm, by . But heads up: They will deteriorate sooner than synthetic versions since the natural hair can dry out from cleaning. I also bought several of the Yachiyo brushes for blush, so if you like the NARS equivalent these are cheaper and pretty much the same if not better. If you click through links we provide, we may earn a commission. Looking for the best makeup and beauty products? Archived post. Best Beauty Products . Ive used it sparingly and havent deep cleaned it yet. An angled brush has a slanted tip, which makes it ideal for creating precise lines or contours on the face. L-R: Sonia G. Smooth Buffer, Rephr 18, Rephr 05, Rephr 04, EcoTools Define, Hakuhodo B110, Esum V50. Blunt and dense ones work best for areas where you want more concentrated coverage like concealer; they pick up a lot of product and you dab or stipple it on and then blend it out. This Japanese makeup brush is designed in a way that it lets you make up bold shapes so you can enhance your features. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 10Pcs Soft Silicone Head Eyeshadow Lip Applicator Brush Makeup Brushes with .Q1 at the best online prices at eBay! Christine, Im so happy youre reviewing this line. If youd like to further fall down a rabbit hole of makeup brushes, you can do some googling for brands like Chikuhodo and Suqqu (which is manufactureed by Chikuhodo). The handle of this makeup brush is made from aromatic Japanese hinoki cypress. They give you good control when applying makeup. But you will want brushes that are stiffer and denser for doing detail work or a heavier application of products, such as cream liner, foundation, concealer or cream blush., Shapes of brushes depend on the product being used as well as your own preferences. Hakuhodo strongly recommends using powders only with brushes made from black goat or squirrel hair. but I have this brush and while it feels amazing, the hairs shed like crazy! I have both the G5545 and J110 I use both all the time. Move the brush in soft, sweeping circles on your cheeks to apply the powder. The design of this makeup brush is absolutely chic with a red handle. They are actually cheaper than Mac and much softer on the lids. These are nice brushes, don;t get me wrong but not must haves. Basics; Selections; J5523BkSL Eyeshadow Brush Round & Flat [HA0927] $ 25.00 Basics; Selections; J142BkSL Eyeshadow Brush Round [HA0727] $ 25.00 J5529BkSL Eyeshadow Brush Round [HA0930] $ 22.00 Basics; J146BkSL Eyeshadow Brush Round [HA0734] . Tell us your current shade match, and we'll help you find a match in your next foundation or concealer! Bamboo Makeup brush Handle, Natural and Easy to Use.Great Travel Set. The Mizuho Brush is a high-quality Japanese makeup brush that is both functional and beautifully designed. When it does come back in stock, even after the increased price. So if you had the cash, you could create your own brush range working with Hakuhodo. Soft brushes feel wonderful on the skin and always have their place for a more diffused application for products like bronzer, blush, a wash of color on the eyes or all-over powder, says makeup artist Sheri Stroh. To my . Like the G 5523 I highly recommend these brushes even at increased prices when they return. B171HSBkSL=J171BkSL Lip & Concealer Brush Round & Flat [H6152] $ 22.00 Basics; Basic 10 Piece Brush Set (US) [X0034] $ 418.00 Basics; Basic 3 Piece Brush Set (US) [X0015] $ 118.00 Hakuhodo brushes are great brushes, but I would focus only on powder & blending brushes. Bigger brushes are best for diffused, all-over coverage while smaller ones offer more precision for detail. I love it for highlighter, specifically. behind and appreciate your patience! Find swatches by color, product, formula, etc. Cheers! Its made out of white goat hair and has a black wood handle with a nickel-plated brass ferrule. I tried to figure out what compared to what, but Hakuhodo offers so many, I just gave up and ordered the Tom Ford set one Christmas with a gift card. Price. heavenly soft airy puff, its so luxurious feeling hugging the skin and contours of the face; great for natural looking blush, powder, bronzer; might be too flexible and not dense enough for some people. I was wondering the same thing. Part of the reason for this distinction is to minimize the degree your brushes need to be washed, as Hakuhodo recommends washing minimally (see their brush care guide). Thank you for all this info, Christine. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Hakuhodo Kumano Dusting Brush Round Blue squirrel & synthetic fiber at the best online prices at eBay! We do know that the squirrels and weasels were not harmed, or killed, for only the purpose of obtaining their hair: the hair is a byproduct. Also very good for softening/smudging eyeliner - I like it for adding a matte/dark eyeshadow on top of liquid eyeliner for soft-blurring definition. Im really glad youve started to review more brushes, as they could be very expensive, but when its good, its certainly a worthy investment. For me the Hakuhodo brushes hit the perfect sweet spot between price and quality, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who's looking for an upgrade from their drugstore brushes. Going back to powder brush I only got S100., the angled powder brushIts a little big for me but faster to get work done its so soft. And Japanese makeup brushes are handmade which makes it super durable as well. The K020 is super soft and excellent for applying super pigmented blushes like the ones from Nars. Great info Christine! Find a product dupe or compare two palettes. For blush I have the J110 and G5545 as well and theyre both amazing. For right now they just seem too precious to me, if that makes any sense.

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