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This ammo is packed in the original 20rd. The leading Government Policing Agency after a lot of testing and searching has decided that this is the bullet that they will carry with them to protect you from the evil that prowls the night., We have to consider that in just about every courtroom, especially the courtroom of public opinion, we are not the good guys. Just look at what happened to that promised red tide that was going to overwhelm the Senate, the House, and every Governors Office from Maine to Arizona. Of course, with a normal round, a Teflon-coated bullet has no advantages overa conventional bullet when striking a protective vest. I really like Hornady ammunition but like several that I know along with others that have commented having the same results with Hornady Critical Duty/Defense not expanding as it should, have switched to Federal HST rounds for EDC. The resulting cartridge, the Black Talon bullet offers a low-velocity missile that retains its weight, penetrates even when interrupted by intervening objects, and remains capable of expansion in soft tissue. Once that was made public the round died an instant death. Most of the rounds below can be found in multiple calibers, including the ever-popular 9x19mm and .45 ACP. Both of their bodies were drug-free at the time of their deaths.[26]. For a round very similar to the old Black Talon, check out the Winchester Ranger series or the PDX1though both are difficult to find. Get the latest Offers, Outdoor News, Stories, and Reviews delivered to your inbox. Washington Takes Oppression of Gun Owners to New Lows, Finding a Firearm: My Wifes First Pistol, Throwback Thursday: 5 Long-Slide Pistols I Cant Live Without. [11] McNeill was then shot in the hand and, due to his wound and blood in his revolvers chambers, could not reload.[8]. Gordon McNeill: Smith & Wesson Model 19 .357 Magnum revolver, six rounds .38 Special +P fired. I own a lot of the DPX and EDC it, but those magazines dont go aanywhere near my nightstand. At the time, Winchesters Black Talon was one of, if not the most effective hollow point duty round you could buy. The Ranger SXT ammunition sold later by Winchester is very similar to the Black Talon though without the black Lubalox coating on the bullet. Edmundo Mireles: Remington M870 12-gauge shotgun, five rounds 00 buckshot fired, .357 Magnum revolver, Smith & Wesson Model 686 (despite not being FBI-issue), six rounds .38 Special +P fired. Mostly because they are 25 years old and other companies are reproducing them under different name for as low as $18. Golden Sabers are on the list too. Why ? No, Black Talon rounds are not armor piercing. The initial collision that forced the suspects off the road caused some unforeseen problems for the agents, as the FBI vehicles sustained damage from the heavier, older car driven by Matix. Visit our Amazon Influencer Page for more products we recommend:, Your email address will not be published. The rifle version did not share the handgun bullet's barbed petal design and was basically a solid copper hollow-point with a hollowed out rear shank containing a lead core in a steel liner to prevent jacket rupture thus maintaining necessary penetration in tough game. Its a handgun round that took on a mythology of its own. [9], Manauzzi was wounded when Platt fired several rounds from his Ruger Mini-14 rifle that penetrated the door of Manauzzis car. But the Kahr works best with the 200-grain Gold Dot; an ideal load for that gun. In a shootout with two bank robbersWilliam Matix and Michael Platteight FBI agents, mainly armed with .357 Magnum revolvers loaded with .38 Special went up against Matix and Platt armed with .223 Remington rifles and shotguns. Test results are generally given in terms of expanded diameter, penetration depth, and weight retention. If you have a mushroomed slug driven into your chest, you wont feel any better if that slug is all blunt around the edges; the wound channel will still be a shredded mess with blunt jacket petals protruding from the edges of the slug. Introduced officially in 1991, this hollow point round is especially famous for its unique-looking projectile. Hanlon lost his .357 Magnum service revolver during the initial collision, though he was still able to fight with his Smith & Wesson Model 36 backup gun. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. Unlike most bullets, the Black Talon stays intact, instead of fragmenting on impact. [8] *Lighting a path to truth* Former Navy JAG Worldwide U.S. Military Defense. The second hit the drivers side window post and fragmented, with one small piece hitting Platt in the scalp. Two high-profile mass shootings in 1993 led to the demise of Winchester Black Talon ammunition. Ranger "Talon" ammo for a while, was also marked SXT on the box, but the bullets themselves were not the same bullet . On impact, the material is forced into engineered internal fissures to start the expansion process. In 1993 Winchester removed the ammunition from public sale,[12] but at no time was Black Talon ammunition uniformly prohibited by US law. Where the Gage-class did resemble its cousin, however, was its heavy armor--the . John Hall, FBI Firearms Training Unit Director at the time called the tragedy an ammo failure. The aftermath encouraged the FBI to seek new guns, more effective ammunition and set precedence for the FBIs protocol on ammunition evaluation and testing. { I personally own 10 boxes of Winchester Black Talon in .45 ACP and 9mm.6 boxes of .38 Special and .357 Magnum.and 10 boxes of .44 Magnum. This is unlike traditional hollow point designs where the expanding jacket petals peel back almost completely behind the expanded mushroom shape. Are they .40 caliber, One of my Favorite self defense Ammo is 9mm 105gr Controlled Fracture Ammo, because of its accuracy. Describing the round, South African police ballistics expert Captain Christian Mangena explained: It hits the target, it opens up, it creates six talons, and these talons are sharp. Can you guess what it is? A common misconception was that it was produced with a black Teflon coating. The autopsy found Platts right lung had collapsed and his chest cavity contained 1.3 liters of blood, suggesting damage to the main blood vessels of the right lung. Consider if you will, actually using the Black Talon or its equivalent. Uninjured. Wal-Marts in my area stock PDX-1 all the time. References Religious experts also commented that many of the claims that Jihawg made were false and that it is not a transgression if a Muslim isforced to eat or touch pork. But it seems that they maybe more Gun Owner In Name Only. I still see students in my Concealed Carry Classes who buy the gun, get the permit, then put the thing up on a shelf in the closet never to be seen again. Those knowledgeable about guns and ammunition know that a Black Talon isnt any more deadly than other hollow points, just like an AR-15 isnt any more deadly than a Remington Model 700. If you compress the blood vessels in the body enough, the blood ruptures vessels at the weakest point. If that is right, I would worry about muzzle blast ( it is designed for a longish barrel) and maybe over-penetration? Minor injuries from shotgun pellets. I shot a male approx. Its specially designed hollow point wont plug while passing through a variety of barriers, and the bullet jacket and core hold together to provide nearly 100 percent weight retention through even the toughest materials. Resembling the larger, more heavily armed Terminus-class destroyer, the Gage-class transport traded the destroyer's numerous turbolaser banks for cargo space and troop barracks. Praesidus brings homage to the military watch tradition. a full box of the original black talon Instead of a large hollow-point cavity, Gold Dot G2 has a shallow dish filled with a high-performance elastomer. Anything that we do that appears to be overboard just gives the antis one more bullet to use against US! A civilian witness described Platt leaving the car, walking almost 20 feet and firing at Mireles three times at close range. Killed by two .223 gunshot wounds to the head. This is original 44 Mag Winchester Black Talon 250gr. Introduced at the 1991 SHOT Show, Winchesters Black Talon was the ammo companys answer for a more effective self-defense bullet demanded by the FBI following the 1986 Miami Firefight. Be sure to follow us onFacebook,Instagram, andLinkedInfor exclusive content and deals. Additionally, the FlexLock core eliminates clogging, improves bullet expansion, and maximizes weight retention in regard to terminal ballistics. The bullet was designed in 1991 under the supervision of Alan Corzine, who at that time was VP of research and development for Winchester. More recently, the US Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal that would strike down San Franciscos hollow point ban. Newsletter Signup Home Black Talon 9mm Caliber Ammunition (BP1075) Black Talon 9mm Caliber Ammunition (BP1075) This ammo was not only controversial, some called it downright offensive. Yes. Speer Gold Dot is a fantastic round and another I havent tried but heard good things about it the Underwood/Lehigh ammunition. This Lubalox coating was to protect the barrel rifling, and did not give the bullet armor-piercing capabilities. When a hollow point bullet hits a soft target, it expands to what looks like a flower with petals. *Editors note: The source has chosen to remain anonymousdue to the sensitive nature of their work. Sign In Why Join As a Dealer Dealer Login. Anything on that list should do the trick. The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt! They sell for $50-$75 around. For personal carry. at about 25 feet and while one round hit dead center chest it failed to end the gun fight. I still have 10mm Black Talons for my Glock 20 (Gen 1) and S&W model 1006. I was on duty that morning in Miami and heard it go down on my police radio Since it was being dispatch County wide as it was happening, After that day and event and listening to Sgt Dave Rivers who was in charged of MDPD crime scene unit give a detailed account of the events that took place and all the things that happened surrounding it I vowed I would let myself be outgunned. Check out ourDAILY DEALS pagefor industry deals and discounts. Underwood is the only thing that i trust to keep my wife and kids safe when I am not at home. Even the old snub nosed 38 with plus P ammo would shoot through a persons torso at close range. Our Honest Review, How To Buy Guns Online: Armslist Firearms Marketplace, Best EDC Medical Kit Buyers Guide [2023], Best 9mm Competition Pistol: Faxon FX19 Hellfire. Two of the agents had backup revolvers (Hanlon and Risner) and both would use them at some point during the fight. By admin | January 9, 2023 | 32. All comments are held for moderation and will appear after approval. it's about the bullet expansion :)Black Talon is a brand of hollow-point pistol and rifle. People shoot poorly under stress. I am also well versed in the Black Talon and its complete run in history to the point that I own some for posterity sake. This enhances rigidity which allows the sharp "talons" to remain perpendicular to the wound path. I believe that strong 10mm ammo (not the watered down stuff) can solve this problem. Seven months later, Gian Luigi Ferri loaded his gun with Black Talon and open fired in a law office in San Francisco, California, killing nine people. The round is a traditional hollow point design, but with a reverse taper. Winchester pulled it in 1993 and permanently discontinued the ammo in 2000. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Past works have been authored to cover only the major talking points in your article, and were forced to do so only as distinctly separate stories due to the sheer volume of information involved; however, you managed to blend the entire history of each topic into one very well written article that is somehow brief, yet able to maintain excellent continuity without missing any of the most important facts. Barrett is the world leader in long-range, large-caliber, precision rifle design and manufacturing. Think a little bit harder/smarter. Ronald Risner: Smith & Wesson Model 459 9mm pistol, 14 rounds fired, S&W Model 60 .38 Special revolver, one round .38 Special +P fired. The black appearance was due to the oxidized copper jacket. Grogan, however, is credited with landing the first hit of the gunfight, wounding Matix in the forearm as he leaned out of the Monte Carlo to fire the shotgun at Grogan and Dove.

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