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Personality plus! This standard has remained essentially unchanged since then. ExcitedCats is reader-supported. They will be fully vaccinated and ready to be your loving companion after being thoroughly socialized and familiar with small dogs. The healthy genetic diversity of the Thai cat brings us a beautiful variety of physical characteristics, eye colors and coat colors. Has this breeder been Cat Kingpin Certified? Name: Michael EnglandCattery: SarmicelEmail: michael@sarmicel.comTelephone: 308-216-0632Location: Gibbon, NEAdditional Info: Breeding exclusively American Burmese for nearly 25 years. Local Kittens Fore Sale is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com, Whispurrscattery Siberian kittens for sale, British Shorthair, Munchkin, Scottish Fold. Name: Vivian BaylorCattery: ElessarEmail: elessarburmese@gmail.com Website: https://www.facebook.com/Elessar-Burmese-282563838810812/Location: Oak Ridge, TN Additional Info: Small cattery producing personality-plus top-quality Burmese for pet and show, mostly sable and platinum. Their coats only require brushing once weekly, and baths may not be required as frequently. A veterinary statement of good health will be provided at the time of sale. References available. Hypokalemic polymyopathy happens when potassium levels in the blood are too low. Name: Suzanne KuttnauerCattery: Bon MarchEmail: bonburmese@aol.comWebsite: http://bonmarcheburmese.netLocation: San Diego, CAAdditional Info: Bon March has been raising exquisite, award-winning Burmese since 1998 in California. Why am I required to spay or neuter my kitten? That means we don't have any breeders listed there yet. Healthy outgoing kittens. Your cat will also likely need routine blood tests from then on to check its potassium so issues dont occur again. That means we don't have any breeders listed there yet. Gangliosidosis is an inherited condition seen in Burmese caused by the lack of an enzyme that helps metabolize certain fats. We do our best to research and write articles that help owners better understand their cats and provide reliable information however, the content on this website is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. If you do have an allergy to cats, the best way to test your allergies with Burmese is to visit the home of a breeder and handle the cats to determine what type of reaction may occur. It is a musculoskeletal defect that is . They should have their first vaccinations by the time they're adopted. Our kittens are raised with tons of love and care, underfoot in our home. We can generally accommodate your schedule so you can see our wonderful kittens. If an Burmese Cat cats parents are show-winning, they can be even more expensive. However, the information found on Excited Cats should not be viewed as veterinary advice. Most can be avoided by purchasing your kitten from a responsible breeder. Why buy a Burmese kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Fully vaccinated, weaned, wormed and will come with six weeks insurance. Make sure you ask about: When you buy from a registered Burmese breeder (with either their local club, governing body, or TICA), that ensures that a standard of care and expertise is enforced. Make sure you ask about: When you buy from a registered Burmese Cat breeder (with either their local Burmese Cat club, governing body, or TICA/CFA), that ensures that a standard of care and expertise is enforced. Fe, Cats are the most popular among pets. Visits can be arranged on an appointment basis only. This will help you choose the right Burmese when the time is right. Name: Jennifer HerrCattery: Ahava-BurmsEmail: herr1720@aol.comWebsite: http://ahavaburms.comTelephone: 706-973-9311Location: Flowery Branch, GAAdditional Info: We mostly have sables but do occasionally have dilutes. This illness causes a thickening of the endocardium resulting in damaged heart valves. Not a ton is known about this disease, but Burmese are more prone to it than other breeds. No, it is not true. Youll need to discover the kind of food they like to eat and what litter they prefer. A+ rated by BBB. Asking some relevant questions about their philosophy will ensure you avoid Burmese Cat breeders that do this only for financial gain, not having the interests of the cats or you in mind. While our number of grand champions and grand premiers may be small, we believe in quality versus quantity. Kittens are placed in indoor homes only, spayed/neutered and must not be declawed. Pet kittens are sold already spayed or neutered with all shots. The Burmese breed standard calls for a pleasingly round head without flat planes, a distinct nose break dividing the short muzzle from the rounded head and a sweet expression. While there are indeed some unwanted pets available in shelters, those numbers have been drastically reduced in recent decades. They should have their first vaccinations by the time they're adopted. Of course, each kitten is different, so if you own a dog, it would be best to ask the breeder to select a kitten that they feel would do best with a dog in the household. However, much like with fleas and ticks, mites can be treated if found. Name: Sandi & Joe PergandeCattery: StarburmEmail: slpergande@gmail.comWebsite: starburmburmese.weebly.comLocation: Washington, ILAdditional Info: 25 plus years raising this wonderful breed. Unfortunately, this condition is fatal, with most kittens dying before the age of 10 months. Does the Burmese breed have a Rescue Program? Burmese kittens for sale in Connecticut Catalog of official cat kennels of the Burmese breed in US by Connecticut State. Beautiful kittens of all colors, known throughout the USA for loving, playful personalities. Learn about the Himalayan cat including physical and personality traits, history, and living with one at home. And while a cat you bring home wont have this, if youre purchasing from a breeder before the kitten is even born, you need to inquire whether parent cats have been tested for the gene causing this. This disease is seen primarily in Burmese and involves oral and facial pain. This means that when you purchase certain products through our recommendations, at no additional cost to you, we receive a monetary reward for referring you. Thai Siamese 12. When she was bred to a Siamese, the resulting kittens appeared to be Burmese/Siamese hybrids and pure Siamese. Name: Andrea GeorgiCattery: BusybodyEmail: andreageorgi44@gmail.comTelephone: 949-697-7679Location: North Central ILAdditional Info: I prefer texting as my email gets a plethora of ads, news and so on things can get lost! Longevity Range: 9-13 yrs. In most cases, though, eyelid reconstructive surgery will be necessary. However, please remember to thoroughly check and screen each breeder you choose to work with no matter where you find them at. Most modern Burmese are descendants of one female cat called . Yep, cats can develop diabetes too, and the Burmese may be more likely to develop it (though it seems Burmese in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom are more prone than cats in other parts of the world). Learn important things to look for when getting a cat, such as age, hair length, and which cat breed personalities will suit your lifestyle best. Name: Leora T. AldenCattery: Qwan YinnEmail: qwanyinnburmese@gmail.comWebsite: http://qwanyinnburmese.comLocation: Near Fort Worth, TXAdditional Info: CFA/TICA registered cattery. Name: Tatiana SyssoevaCattery: NifeaEmail: tatianasyssoeva@gmail.comWebsite: http://americantraditionalburmesecats.comLocation: Los Angeles, CAAdditional Info: Champion and grand champion lines, small cattery no cages. They also elected to keep Burmese to their four original colors sable, champagne, blue and platinum. Burmese Rescue Information: The Burmese is a solid, short-haired, Asian-type cat. Eventually, congestive heart failure occurs. Precisely balanced nutrition with the delicious taste of savory minced salmon to help fuel the energy needs of cats during the prime of their life. Finding good homes for preloved dogs, cats, puppies and kittens throughout Connecticut. Contact us at 203-775-1590 or sharyn0131@gmail.com. Our cats are from the finest Burmese lines worldwide and their beauty and sweet personalities attest to this. Precisely balanced nutrition with the delicious taste of gourmet minced turkey to help fuel the energy needs of cats during the prime of their life. Youre probably familiar with glaucoma, as it can occur in humans too, but this eye disease is a painful one that can lead to blindness if not treated. Bombays - the Quintessential Gorgeous Black Cats! Thisbreed is solid both in looks and in feel and has great strength. Healthy, happy, adorable Burmese and Bombay kittens raised lovingly at home. Excellent health and sweet, confident dispositions are our primary goals. Premium. However, it is important to supervise interactions between young children and cats to ensure that both are safe and happy. We mostly have sable, but do have champagne, blue and platinum. Name: Trish JeskeCattery: Jeskes Unique BurmeseEmail: Jeskekat@aol.comTelephone: 702-810-1206 (text only)Location: Las Vegas, NVAdditional Info: Tier 1 Superior rating CFA cattery for over 40 years. Kittens must be hand carried on aircraft and ride in the cabin. A grown up Bombay lady modeling a shoe for Bergdorf Goodman's fall catalog. Dilutes are sometimes available. Use this article by PetMD.com as a good introduction to screening a cat breeder. Delicious seared tuna paired with tender carrots in a mouthwatering sauce, Delicious poached salmon paired with tender spinach in a mouthwatering sauce. Burmese can produce the same dander as any other breed and therefore cause allergies. What is this heart disease that affects kittens? Call for availability. This skin disease can be caused by three different types of mites that live in hair follicles. Any guarantees and/or warranties should also be explained to you and included in the purchase agreement. Name: Heather SwymelerCattery: MO RoyalThai CatteryEmail: hswymeler@yahoo.comWebsite: https://moroyalthai.wixsite.com/moroyalthaiLocation: Jamesport, MOAdditional Info: Kittens come with a health guaran-tee, kitten kit, and first 2 vaccinations. Pet cats and kittens are altered and microchipped prior to placement. Delivery possible. The first cat brought to America from Burma in the 1930s was a small female that was walnut brown in color. When you adopt one of our cats, your arent getting just a pet, your welcoming in a dear friend and devoted companion. Sign up here with your email address to receive updates from this blog in your inbox. Kittens placed are to be indoor cats only and must not be declawed. The Burmese cat is often described as active and social, enjoying the company of others. You'll get to ask them questions, too - see our FAQs at the bottom of this page for what to ask. Should I feel guilty about wanting to buy a pedigree cat? While initially painless, if the cornea piece (or sequestrum) isnt shed, the eye can become sore, develop infections or ulcers, and vision can become impaired. You will receive Care and Feeding instructions and a two-year health guarantee. Sable, champagne, blue, and platinum available, but personality is the most important factor in placement.Other Breeds: Bombay. Burmese cats are very comfortable with other Burmese, but they may not get along as well with other breeds. It may sound sadly and scary but cats live a little and they are put to eld much faster than their owners. Burmese cats are highly intelligent and affectionate. Name: Dominic Lemaire and Rafael St-PierreCattery: EclypseEmail: eclypsecattery@gmail.comWebsite: http://eclypsecattery.comLocation: Montral, QuebecAdditional info: Sables and dilutes (champagne, blue and platinum). We generally do not ship our kittens, although we do make exceptions on a case by case basis. Visits can be arranged on an appointment basis only. They tend to form strong bonds with their owners and enjoy spending time with them. Burmese are short-haired cats. She also has an array of stray cats, raccoons, and possums who like to call her front porch home. Cute Burmese Cat Names Below is a list of 25 cute and adorable names that are perfect for your Burmese cat, whether they are cuddly, spunky, or energetic. Your use of this site is subject to the terms of our Legal Statement. I have champion lines and usually have champagne, platinum, sable and the occasional blue colors. Unlike puppies, kittens often require a longer socialization period at home with their mother. Asking some relevant questions about their philosophy will ensure you avoid Burmese breeders that do this only for financial gain, not having the interests of the cats or you in mind. Meow! One look from those big gold eyes will melt your heart! Female: medium: 8-12 lbs. A cat's price is based on its pedigree, coat quality, age, health and vaccination history. Burmese cats bring a puppy-like personality in a gorgeous feline package, giving animal lovers the best of both worlds. And because a heart murmur is really the only symptom to be noticed, have your vet check your kittens heart soon after you get it. We offer additional registration through our Cat Kingpin Certified program as well, although it's not a replacement for other registrations. Our website Animalssale.com is to help everyone who wants to buy cats of a certain breed find responsible and reliable kennels in the US. FeLV neg.Other Breeds: Bombay. The CFA recognized the breed in 1936 but, in a rare move, actually suspended the breed's recognition in 1946 due to extensive outcrossing with Siamese in an effort to . One excellent way to make sure your cat is at its best is by reading up on any possible future health problems they could have. Dilutes are sometimes available. Capt was the feature Burmese photo for Purinas visitor lobby. 5. We are members of, We have a small number of kittens available each year. No shipping. Catalog of official cat breeders of the Burmese breed in US by Connecticut State. The decision to breed Burmese (or any other breed) is one that should not be taken lightly. Name: Irina FilonovaCattery: Burma-FilonyEmail: irisha-68@list.ruWebsite: http://www.burma-filony.ru/Telephone: 8-926-141-57-84Location: MoscowAdditional Info: Our cattery is engaged in the breeding of the American Traditional Burmese breed. Health guarantee and contract required. Price: $900 USD Gender: Male & Female Age: 1 Year Name: Donna BrownCattery: SilkyBrickEmail: loveburmesecats@gmail.comLocation: Huntsville, AlabamaTelephone: 256-503-6215Additional Info: Small cattery with Champion and Grand Champion lines. In her free time, Misty enjoys chilling with her cats, playing piano, watching indie and foreign films, photographing abandoned places, and catching up on her never-ending TBR list. What causes these low potassium levels? It may not sound like much of a big deal, but low levels of potassium can cause damage to the kidneys and cause muscle weakness (which could lead to respiratory issues). Burmese The Burmese is often described as a "brick wrapped in silk," a testament to his solid, muscular body. Prefer her to go to a home that will show her. Besides going to the vet for regular check-ups and needed shots, is there anything else you can do so your cat lives its healthiest life? This map shows how many Burmese Cats are posted in other states. The Burmese Head Defect is, as the name suggests, a disease-specific to the Burmese cat. Mostly sable, raised in a loving home.Other Breeds: Bombay, Latest news from NABB is available via our, DISCLAIMER: NABB does not endorse or approve any breeder nor does NABB guarantee any animal acquired. Endocardial fibroelastosis has historically been found more often in the Burmese and Siamese breeds. Why buy a Burmese kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Burmese Arkancoons (ACFA TICA) Maine Coon Dandy Curls (CFA TICA) Devon Rex,Maine Coon,Munchkin Ouachita (CFA) British Shorthair Purrfectfold (CFA) Scottish Fold zu Hause (CFA) Siamese California Mainesuspect (CFA TICA) Maine Coon Royal Nefertt (CFA TICA) Egyptian Mau CaliCats (CFA TICA) Maine Coon Whiskers & PAWS (TICA CFA) Maine Coon Name: Shirley D StoreyCattery: StagelightEmail: burm0001@aol.comTelephone: 706-589-5751Website: http://stagelightburmese.comLocation: North Augusta, SCAdditional Info: Established in 1980. The 14 Common Burmese Cat Health Problems. Name: Betsy SurverCattery: MNBurmEmail: mnburm@gmail.comTelephone: 612-345-1096Location: Twin Cities (Burnsville), MNAdditional Info: Specializing in ESA kitties. Information on the truth behind the animal rights movement: Acrocats can be reached via email at acroburm@earthlink.net or 407-359-8877. They have been spayed or neutered and are often available for placement. Burmese often get along well with dogs that like cats. Its wise to have your cats eyes checked during routine physical exams, but if symptoms of glaucoma suddenly appear, it should be checked straight away. Find more Burmese kittens for sale in closest states: If you have never owned a Burmese before, or are interested in reading more information, check out our. I get the real pleasure of watching my kittens grow up. History As you may have guessed, Burmese cats received their name from their place of originBurma (Myanmar). Their coats are short and sleek. Our website is a reference site only. We research and compile data and offer it to our website visitors for free. Breeding for health temperament and personality. 9. The Burmese cat (Burmese: , Bma kyaung, Thai: or , RTGS: Thongdaeng or Supphalak, meaning copper colour) is a breed of domestic cat, originating in Burma, believed to have its roots near the Thai-Burma border and developed in the United States and Britain.. CFA now recognizes them as a separate breed and named them European Burmese. Cats for Sale Burmese kittens for sale in Connecticut AnimalsSale found Burmese kittens for sale in Connecticut near you, which meet your criteria Find more Burmese kittens for sale in closest states: Rhode Island , New York , Massachusetts , New Hampshire , New Jersey , Pennsylvania Registry: CFA - Cat Fanciers' Association The head is round, the tips of the ears are round, the eyes, chin and even the feet are round. Price: $300 - $400 USD Gender: Male Age: 3 Years Show Potential Breed: Burmese Effort, PA, US Sold Burmese Kitten Litte. We are members of NABB, the National Alliance of Burmese Breeders, CFA's only national Burmese breed club, and the CFA Burmese Breed Council. CatKingpin.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. When looking for Burmese Cat breeders in Connecticut, it is important to find an ethical, registered cattery who specializes in the breed and understands their personality traits and how best to care for them. Its caused by a watery fluid in the lens of the eye that doesnt drain properly. I feel all felines are the best creatures our planet has to offer. These cats live for human attention and companionship, they insist on being involved in everything you do. No animals will be shipped: they must be hand carried during transport. We have easy access to the Minneapolis/St. GCCF registered, with pedigree certificate. Health guarantee, kittens are altered and have all their vaccines. Here are some of Acrocats' favorite links, Cat Fanciers' Association: http://www.cfa.org, National Animal Interest Alliance: http://www.naiaonline.org, Winn Feline Foundation: http://www.winnfelinehealth.org. Visit. If the cat is in water far from the shore, she don't go to the bottom as a dead-weight, it will swim to th shore not worse than a dog. There are a few basic things that you should expect when you purchase a kitten. Depending on which type of mite is causing the problems, your cat can be treated with topical medications, antibiotics, or sulfur dips. What You Need to Know. While the accepted colors for Burmese have increased in the past few years, the vast majority of Burmese are still the traditional deep brown (sable). Catteries are typically family-run, and sometimes there just aren't enough options near you. To learn more about becoming involved in the cat fancy, please visit: The CFA Mentor Program. Adults available from time to time.Other Breeds: Bombay. If an Burmese cats parents are show-winning, they can be even more expensive. Do Burmese cats shed? It is believed that the main species has come from the steppe cat, which appeared more than 130,000 years ago. As much as we like to think every breeder is honest and ethical with the treatment of their animals, unfortunately that isn't always the case. Although cats try to keep away from everything that is related to water, they can swim and some of them even like it. Health and Genetic Guarantee. There are a few basic things that you should expect when you purchase a kitten. This is yet another thing youll want to be sure to question a breeder about before buying a kitten. How do I do that? At any age, they love to look at the world around them and their favorite place may often turn out to be a window where they can observe the world outside. This deformation means the eye is constantly exposed, making it easier for dust, hair, and more to enter the eye. We do our best to help you better understand your cats, but the information on this blog is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. Raised with lots of love and attention. Breeding for health, temperament, and personality.Other Breeds: Bombay. Burmese Rescue (USA/Canada) is an affiliate of the National Alliance of Burmese Breeders . We are 8,465 people like this 8,958 people follow this Other Breeds: Bombay. That said, we will not be held responsible for any correspondence you have had with any of the cat breeders, cat sitters, cat groomers, or rescue programs listed on our website. Long term, this defect can lead to corneal ulcers, then scar tissue, and lead to blindness. Wong Mau was to become the "mother" of the Burmese breed and all North American Burmese cats can trace their heritage back to Wong Mau. The National Alliance of Burmese Breeders sponsors a nationwide Rescue Program. However, sphynxes are very d, Cat breeds with beautiful long hair look like the real stars from zoo magazines. Kittens can fly *in cabin* with an adult. Breeder show permit in Nevada. We take pride in the health, quality and temperament of our feline companions. While there are treatments that can help an affected kitten live longer, sadly, most die before they are six months old. Choose from sable, champagne, platinum and blue. Theyre great for families, College can be both wildly exciting and incredibly stressful for young adults. Breed Council Member since the 80s. Submit a request to add one! If you cannot locate a kitten in your local area, we can provide referrals. The face, paws, ears, and tail are the darkest, with the lightest color on their underbelly and chest. Complete health guarantee. I breed for type according to the standard, excellent health and temperament. You are provided with a list of breeders with the name, contacts, and official website, which always contains up-to-date information on which kittens are currently available for sale. When considering a Burmese for your family, its important to note that these cats prefer not to be left alone. However, please remember to thoroughly check and screen each breeder you choose to work with no matter where you find them at. (3 0 8) 31 8-6 6xx View Detail. Mostly sable, raised underfoot with love at home.

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