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Alhamdulillah, we're at over 850 supporters. I just read what it written in this page and I can say only Jazakom Allaho Khayrane for it. May Allah give all those affected sabr and emaan. I pray this brings some amount of clarity to all its readers and that you and your family be rewarded greatly for the good of this article. Barak Allahu fikum. Thus, no, I can't just stay calm and believe that NAK just erred like I could have erred. Have trust in our fellow mulims. Jul 28, 2022Nouman Ali Khan filed a divorce against his wife Valerie De Leon and got into abuse allegations. MaybAllah guide us all. This entire article is ridiculous in my humble opinion. Right on! How many of us do really believe in it truly? In response to her criticism of Khan, Alawa has been called a fake Muslim, a paid Muslim, a hoe, a bitch, and a self-righteous old hag. (Shes 26.) This is how you silence victims. Do not, however, stop or discourage others from doing so. An American Muslim rapper, Mona Haydar, released a song a couple years ago, Dogs, calling out lascivious religious leaders. He has made our society and world so much better. Pleasure or temporary marriages are a controversial practice among some Muslims that have no U.S. legal standing, the religious justification for the marriages is fiercely debated and the practice is sometimes used to exploit women. The article then goes on to advise how one should behave, and at the heart of it seems to be do not be angry with those posting against him, for we dont know etc.. People, please realise this is a private matter of another person. If this was a scholar who wasnt American or spoke English, people would have gone insane in finding more flaws. Silent when it comes to mocking the Aqeedah, Shirk, Bidah, saying these issues are not important for the Ummah?? Likewise, just because someone comes forward and says they have been harmed by someone, before we look for justice we should examine carefully if what the victim is saying is true. Asalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatahu, "This is very much an ethical problem and it's a pressing one," Mattson said. I am a father of 3 daughters loving Numan speech and talk and I am here to say to Numan Ali Khan, Jazaka Allaho Khayrane for what you did all this years to this Ummah and for the youth people. #bayyinah#muslimtiktok#muslim#noumanalikhan#islam#Allah#quran#arabic#learnthequran 4.1K Likes, 179 Comments. Having said this, I am very saddened at this situation. This is why predators like NAK can exist in the first place. Do not insult Nouman Ali Khan. The Messenger of Allah was asked, Messenger of Allah, invoke a curse for us against the idolators. He replied, I was not sent as a curser. They keep you warm without being too bulky, and theyre perfect for throwing on over a t-shirt when its chilly out. That in Islam, marriage is not seen as an extension of capital, but rather an important ibadah towards completing one's deen. Somebody did an investigation of the screenshots. Indeed, those who came with falsehood are a group among you. An undergraduate degree doesnt make you a scholar in any field! WineBid is an online wine auctiononline wine auction with 2018 sales of million, according Wine Spectator. Learn About His Wife Valerie De Leon & Abuse Allegations You think of OJ Simpson or Bill Cosby people jumped to their defense because they loved them, Grewal said. Can you imagine presenting an undergraduate in Islam as a scholar to a non-Muslim? This incident has produced probably one of the most vicious display of cannibalism by people who are respected by thousands in this part of the world. All this has already happened and we dont even know yet whether the allegations are true or not. Do not curse, not even those you believe to be wronging Nouman Ali Khan. Those making sexual misconduct claims like this, should take their matters to the police and then they should talk. Then no person or criminal even if they be Imam should be let off. I think more people should read and ruminate on this. Basically, this is saying continue to listen to this speakers works because in the end its the message the matters, not the messengerwhat? When we talk about leadership and accountability and trying to purify our communities from abuse and corruption. Consider the weight of an atom, and consider whether or not you want to stand accountable before Allah for insulting Nouman Ali Khan or those who stand by him even if you believe him to be guilty. You do not know whether Allah will accept it. Just ask ALLAH for forgiveness and blessings as these will protect us in this Dunya and in Akhirah. There are families who will have to pick up pieces and rebuild their lives long after your curiosity has been satiated. If you dont know who he is, dont worry. ", Other comments were filled with questions about what the nature of the abuse was, still others asking why Ta'leef went public when Canon was so sick. They are indeed teh Fasiqun (liars, rebellious, disobedient to Allah swt)Why then, did not the believerswhen you heard it (the slander) think good of their own people and say: This charge is an obvious lie? It is with heavy hearts that we confirm that Br. You do not know whether he will repent to Allah. As a student of Arabic,he has expertise in that field.He always advises and encourages to learn tafseer etc. One commenter told Hussain to get your feminist ass off Twitter"; another told her, Go wear a hijab first and then come open your mouth., Im actually dumbfounded by some of the responses Ive received, saying that harassment is all made up in a womans head, she said. . But that is the hardest thing to do! If there is no sexual abuse involved in the situation, on what basis the effected parties are called as victims?! Allah forbids you from it and warns you not to repeat the like of it forever, if you are believersVerily those who like that the crime of illegal sexual intercourse should be propagated among those who believe, they will have a painful torment in this world and in the hereafterVerily those who accuse chaste women/men, who never even think of anything touching their chastity and are good believers are cursed in this life and in the hereafter, and for them will be a great torment.. !Whoever listens to NAKs lectures and knows his speaking style can understand that this was simply his way of giving a shout out to a fellow muslim brother. I still have some questions though- Some of the abuse is a result of absolute negligence by institutions, said Ingrid Mattson, the London and Windsor Community Chair in Islamic Studies at Huron University College at the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada. Get off the high horse, find out the truth, and either condemn the man or condemn his detractors. Jealousy is there in every field.May Allah restore NAKs honor. Isnt this against Islamic teaching? she said. In 2017, Nouman Ali Khan was exposed to involvement in inappropriate misconduct that became a scandal. You say we must do Nothing. Im not saying the recommendations are wrong, but rather that they are insufficient. 1. Your email address will not be published. This isnt the first time that Omer Muzaffar has made news in the Muslim community. Even if you delete all the comments in favor of NHK, You still cant win as Allah protects who He wills! The best telling is what God (Allah recall us in Al-Imran) : 102. You are not his ex wife or his children. If you choose to decide that he is innocent because you love him and no amount of evidence will convince you otherwise, then take a step back and examine the religious devotion you are feeling. It is fitting and bittersweet then, to recognize that perhaps the only real difference between preachers you love and preachers you hate is whether their sins are private or not. The evidence that is on the internet could have possibly been created by someone who hates Islam and put in a lot of effort to destroy him such as hacking his albums, using photoshop, etc. In addition to having a child with autism, she herself lives with Ehlers-Danlos Sydrome, Dysautonomia, Mast-Cell Activation Disorder, and a random assortment of acronyms that collectively translate to chronic illness and progressive disability. The non-Muslim is going to think that the supposed best and brightest of the Muslims, i.e. And I want to learn to do write articles in a similar manner, so could you tell me where I can learn to do so? My biggest fear was that finally we had a person that made the youth learn and love the quran like we never were able to in at least a century and now its all ruined. Its all none of our business, really. I hope and pray that our global community will see this as a learning opportunity and continue to grow, mature and see beyond the drama. hide caption. Several well-known Muslim-American community leaders have made public statements on social media. But in October 2017, the incident was proven to be true. (Quran, 49:12), Those who love (to see) scandal published (and) broadcast among the Believers will have a grievous Penalty in this life and in the Hereafter: Allah knows and ye know not. Remember that no one except Allah is perfect. Assalamu alaikum.. We should leave this matter between Allah swt and him , Allah swt might have already forgiven his sin if he had any . The whole situation is embarrassing and women who posted these private conversations should be ashamed and seek Tawbah. The speaker may also take this on board if he meets the condition. Haq denied any wrong doing in an email to NPR and has begun the appeals process. A woman who shared only her initial to keep under the shade as N.M. spoke about her abuse. If it is the first they should be talking to law enforcement not to people on Facebook. Many of these are Dallas Imams who are running a mafia type inquisition to defame anyone who goes against them and their ideals.HasbunaAllah. 104. I really really appreciate this. Those with adab and knowledge stayed silent on the matter . Ameen. Most of them are also in the privileged positions to marry once, twice, thrice or quadruple times and then warn the youth finding it hard to marry after passing every hurdles the dunyavi-Muslims(who could have been advised to lower their dunyavi-expectations, by these preachers) pose, about the wrong gender relations. It's reignited a conversation around how to deal with abuse by Muslim community and faith leaders. But this article has put everything in its perspective. whereas explaining the Quran without following its guidelines from the Mufasiroon, its okay. So well said Saffia. Nouman ali khan wife valerie de leon - - Even though his date of birth or zodiac details has not been revealed, the man must be in his mid-50s. The two accusers are using very ambiguous words and phrases not explicitly accusing NAK but implying and insinsuating that he committed assault/rape or consensual Zina. Nouman Ali Khans sins do not have any bearing on whether the contents of his previous lectures were correct or beneficial to you or not. When she quietly warned other Muslim women about him, she said, she was labeled a whore. Here is what I dont understand. Now, that is Allah's promise. It is the role of the mediators, the community leaders, and those in positions of authority and actual evidence to do so. In a post that elicited over 2500 comments in less than 24 hours since its posting, Omer wrote: I have been working on a case regarding my friend of twenty years, Nouman Ali Khan. In all statistical likelihood, you are at best an outsider to the affair, and your fury against those who disagree with you has zero effect on justice in Nouman Ali Khans situation. On October 2017, a committee composed of various Islamic scholars and community leaders, including those who have held leadership positions in the Islamic Society of North . If theres a third hand- given the painful complexity of the situation, what is the common Muslim supposed to do? Please seek professional help. Aerobic ("oxygen-using") respiration occurs in three stages: glycolysis, the Krebs cycle, and electron transport. At first, she dismis, Read more: While still married to his wife Valerie De Leon, Nouman Ali Khan got allegations of abuse from many other women. May Allah forgive us all. Its incredibly sad that this matter couldnt be resolved privately. 7.celebrity culture in the west, be aware of it. Why is it guiding people on how to think and act? He is considered an expert of Modern Standard and Classical Arabic. Help us get to 900 supporters this month. In the wake of the accusations, at least three people have gone to Salem's organization, FACE, which stands for Facing Abuse in Community Environments, for help. Follow us on our social media channels to stay connected. Both examples, Alawa said, show the lack of resources for Muslim women in such situations, an issue activists are beginning to address through groups such as FACE, which stands for Facing Abuse In Community Environments. They would expect silence and patience from the likes of those who made the scandal public. Husna Khan Student at The University of Texas at Arlington, Read more: It came to know that he had been interested in different women and had approached them with such intentions. Posts about valerie de leon written by . Were trying to kill the issue here so that gossip and speculations are no further disseminated, but all Im noticing is that people keep reviving NAKs case. And when they do not produce the witnesses, then it is they, in the sight of Allah, who are the liars. Quran 24:13. We should not indulge in backbiting. Therein lies a beautiful lesson for us not to ask needless questions that are not beneficial. Set it and collect blessings from Allah (swt) for the khayr you're supporting without thinking about it. so true Sister in Islam!They are deleting comments that are in favor of NAK. There is no taking sides in this article. This is an excellent book on understanding the Quran. I have no knowledge of the matter, I am not a witness but I have read the words of a person who has been working day and night for Allahs Deen. Beneficial article but wrong timing in my opinion. There were revelations of inappropriate messages with other women, the majority of whom were similarly made to believe he was interested in marrying them. These Imams are grown men and are even more knowledgeable about Islam than most of us! Imagine presenting yourself as scholar in your field of study with that educational background. Mozaffars post has attracted thousands of comments. May Allah have mercy on all of us, I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytan and from trolls, who are normal Muslim people that shaytaan tricks into letter their anger lead them. 2. Talk about the consequences of cursing a scholar but who is a scholar really. If you believe Nouman Ali Khan is innocent; that the screenshots proving his guilt are fake, that his shirtless selfie is photoshopped, and the entire affair is a conspiracy meant to divide the ummah and undermine Muslim scholarship; then make dua for him and carry on benefitting from the good that Bayyinah provides in your life. All it takes is a small gift from a reader like you to keep us going, for just $2 / month. Please watch them through out your life and memorize them. Think everyone involved live in the same civilized country of 21st century? She answered a message requesting comment on Canon's behalf. Omar Muzaffar and Navaid dont recall his last name are not very good friends or good people. "Spiritual abuse is something that is harmful at the deepest level of the person. - Andriani D. A. For all the people that keep saying its non of our business, we dont need to know, I have a question for you? My faith in God is mine alone and I will never believe the words of men of God. Islam is not hurt by the sins of a scholar any more than it is hurt by the sins of an apostate. I dont know if the NAK news is true. Beautifully said! Muzaffar was called to act as a mediator in February of 2015, ommunity leaders have issued a collective statement,, Everything On Nathan Ak Father And His Cause of Death. He hasnt challenged the authenticity of the text messages in any of his public statements on the scandal, but BuzzFeed News couldnt independently verify their origins or authenticity. Except the party involved here is not a child,she is a consenting adult woman.Big Difference. While still married to his wife Valerie De Leon, Nouman Ali Khan got allegations of abuse from many other women. Still though, if you believe Nouman Ali Khan is guilty, you could choose not to watch his lectures anymore. So done with this community of hypocrites. The backlash, several women said, has drowned out voices calling on Muslims to be more up front about how leadership misconduct is a problem in Islam just as it is in other faiths, a discussion they say is long overdue. We are all humans, we all have faults which we balance up against the good we have done. Abujumaanah!NAK did not belittle aqeedah. I am disappointed with this article. Which is contradictory and alian in the field of Tafseer. I dont know NAK in any detail further than what is available on Youtube. Who Is Moise Ak? It seems we cant find what youre looking for. Other shuyukh have spoken up in defense of Omer Muzaffar as well. I find usually when someone is famous, or has a reputable career such as doctor, etc we cant accept they are capable of doing sins just because they have a high status in society. Incidents like this are usually handled quietly, through mediation, out of respect for the families involved and Islams tradition against public shaming. There are a couple points I wanted to mention. Jazakillahu khayr. I dont know- and I dont want to know- what brother Nouman did or did not do. May Allah protect us all. Sisters on one side and brothers on the other, causes these fitna to occur, shaytan is with us all the time. Yes there are also victims who are capable of lying. Muslim women whove criticized Khan received such vicious and personal retaliations from his supporters that in some cases theyve deleted posts and gone silent. I fail to see how such interaction can render anyone a victim. Well said and well explained. He even gave money to N.M. as huss money to hide his true face. The claims also raise serious questions about whether he mightve abused his authority in order to approach young women who attended his lectures or studied at Bayyinah, his religious center near Dallas. Victims in what?!! Why did they not produce 4 witnesses? 231-695061-21 IN THE MATTER OF IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE MARRIAGE OF NOOMAN ALI KHAN 231st JUDICIAL DISTRICT AND VALERIE MARIE DE LEON TARRANT COUNTY TEXAS WAIVER OF SERVICE Valerie Marie De Leon appeared in person before me today and stated under oath: "I, Valerie Marie De . Her work is based on her area of scholarship, Islamic ethics. There's the northern California-based In Shaykh's Clothing, it focuses on spiritual abuse. If he did wrong forgive him. We don't want to air dirty laundry in the public sector because we don't want to bring more negative attention. Source: Sunan Abu Dawud 4905, Grade:Hasan. Photoshop, obviously. Time and time again men have shown that they are not in control of their desires, that they are prone to violence, war and hatred. A woman who shared only her initial to keep under the shade as N.M. spoke about her abuse. Does the truth hurt? I can't catch the JavaScript keyup event of the Input element and call How to get element with CSS class name and id using jquery - Codings Point, Get element by class name with JavaScript/jQuery - Techie Delight, How can I select an element by tag name using jQuery? In a long post, Khan said hes been divorced for two years and that the claims stem from his interactions with women he considered for marriage. Humans are curious by nature, so merely making mention of this has already sparked thirsty critters to search on the net and find these intimate details about him. fifthly, Western speakers must have strictly segregated halls when delivering talk. If Shaykh Omar was a in charge of mediation, how could the pictures and other stuffs get leaked without his knowledge. They are a lot cheaper than brand new ones and provide a lot more variety and options to the buyer. Nouman has now broken his agreement with us and has been sending threats against each of us through his attorney. full post here. Fourthly, genuine marriage proposals as long as the man can fullfill the two condition of taken on a 2nd,3rd or 4th wife. Here you have a good article telling us to stay silent and not start slandering.

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