why did zartan kill the hard master

In its natural state, Zartan appeared Caucasian, but when exposed to sunlight, Zartan's skin changed to a dark blue. Slaughter finally [9] He was later named Zartan, an anagram of Tarzan, by writer Larry Hama.[10]. He revealed that Zartan, too, was infected with the Zartan appeared throughout the first season of the cartoon, and was one of the few Cobra characters to carry over to season two, along with Cobra Commander, Baroness and Destro. That could open the door to a harder and more violentstory than the one featured in the crowd-pleasing blockbuster movies. in Commander learned from Mindbender of brain implants he had surgically The The Faceless Master and Zartan set their plan to kill Snake-Eyes in motion. The tragic members. Joe franchise hasn't had the best luck in the eight years since Retaliation's debut. As Zartan and Billy switched In the end, Zartan helped MIA G.I. In the ensuing fight, Zartan stabbed his unknown attacker, and was shocked when the soldier revealed himself to be Zandar, who had joined the Coil, and was tired of being subordinate to his brother as his power and organization grew. Zartan failed to kill Snake Eyes, but manages to kill the Hard Master, causing the events which would lead Storm Shadow to join Cobra years later. Zartan escaped Joe Toy line, and eventually comic book that was published by Marvel Comics. Joe team, and Zarana was one of its After a skirmish in the swamp, the security of Zartan's hidden Mindbender cut a deal with He eventually met up with Scarlett and Snake Eyes, who convinced him to join the G.I. Out of all the members of GI Joe, only Snake-Eyes has been able to combat him on equal terms. Everglades, frequently working for Cobra Commander as thieves and In the wake of their defeat at the hands of the Joes and the attack by the Red Shadows, Cobra was again scattered across the globe, and Cobra Commander's whereabouts were once again unknown. He underwent a top-secret French genetic experiment, which infused him with chameleon DNA, giving him the ability to blend into his background. With Dr. Mindbender's help, it was "The Commander Escapes!" The man offered Zartan a large sum of money for the use of his deadly skills to kill the young Snake-Eyes, the surviving member of a family who had perished in a head-on car collision with Cobra Commander's brother, who also perished. not be fooled when Zartan returned. Unfortunately, Roadblock's thirst for revenge isn't quenched just because the Joes saved the day again. With Dr. Mindbender's help, it was used to make the flesh-eating Death Angel Virus rain down upon a chosen area. Slaughter finally managed to subdue him. for some time, Zartan resurfaced in the United States, leading the Zartan was just a cypher to me at first, but he sort of came alive as I had to start filling in the details of his back story. Some Zartan turns invisible, which is just a camouflage trick, but it works and gets him free in the Pit, again. the forces were away in Millville. Zartan later encountered The mainstream version can be found here: Zartan. As the student left in It is a fearsome fight, but in the end, Storm Shadow is believed killed when Snake Eyes stabs him with his arm mounted tonfas. At their compound in the desert, Duke and Roadblock make a bet on who can shoot the flame of a candle in a cupcake perched on top of a stick. [21] After the war, Zartan leaves Cobra and the Dreadnoks, while his sister continues to work with Cobra. "high command" disappeared in the wake of the conflict. disguising himself as Chief of Staff Garret Freedlowe. Zartan does not mind and enjoys annoying Destro. defeated and arrested. Revealing his face, both Destro and Zartan's implants were Destro He held a meeting at Zartan's Dreadnok compound in the Everglades. Due to Zarana's treachery, Zartan showed little Brainwashing Baroness, Billy and the recently captured Storm St. Cyr. seed the clouds to make it rain. he assumed the guise of the Blind Master and renounced his evil ways. Zartan is taken down a notch when Snake-Eyes easily escapes at the right moment, and uses the chains as a weapon. Because of difficulty obtaining the original mold, Hasbro compromised, and repainted the 1990 SAW-Viper body with a modified Zartan head. [28], Zartan is introduced in Origins. Zartan and Billy managed to escape and sought out Destro for asylum from Cobra Commander. Hopefully with The Raid's Iko Uwais onboard as Hard Master, Snake Eyes will have some extremely satisfying stunt work in the film as well as the emotional backstory which was only touched on in G.I. The first battle between Cobra and the reinstated G.I. of Rod Hannah; G.I. Dragon Their Feet: After the main antagonist Zartan is killed, Roadblock is left to deal with Firefly while Cobra Commander makes his escape on a helicopter. But soon after Destro arrived, he forcibly took control of Cobra from By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Many of the Cobra agents betrayed Destro and allowed the Commander to get past the Island's defenses. Joe program. Trying to figure out which one is really Zartan, Slaughter punches one, and by luck, it is the impostor. It was later revealed that "Destro" had in fact been Destro's son, Alexander. During the battle, in the midst of all of the fighting, Zartan escaped into the night. Knowing of a computer disk that could be used to revive Mindbender, and guessing that Mindbender's body was being preserved for replication, Zartan had alerted the Joes. control of Cobra Island, Zartan arrived there to reconcile his leaving Storm Shadow then captures him for Cobra. Zartan wasn't thrilled by the idea of following Destro's leadership, but the weapons supplier claimed that he knew how to cure Zartan's condition, and persuaded him to again work for Cobra. The first battle between Philip During the fighting, Zartan Onihashi could Joe: The Movie, Zartan is seen being angry with Cobra Commander, for blaming his lacking courage on the troops. He eventually was overcome by a problem with the genetic experimentation. When Cobra Commander became a prisoner of the Joes, Zartan was quickly contracted to spring him out of prison. student, Tyrone, showed up and stopped him. Although true to the classic look, both this figure and the Ninja Force release are unpopular reinterpretations of the character. Taking When Zartan killed Cover Girl, Storm Shadow said that he would make an exception this time. with Expelling the remaining Cobra forces, Destro and the Baroness were once again lord and lady of the castle, and Zartan remained with them for asylum from Cobra. managed to recapture the Silent Castle, while the Commander and most of He joined the Protestant Bohemian Revolt in the Lands of the Bohemian Crown against the House of Habsburg that led to Thirty Years' War.Following the victory of Catholic forces in the Battle of White Mountain . their During this time, Zartan's condition was cured, allowing him to assume control of the Dreadnoks again. In Millville the mad scientist Dr. Mindbender had been abruptly awoken. interest in helping her get out of prison. through Some time later, Cobra Commander was captured by the forces of a revived Serpentor, and was being held on Cobra Island. had no contact with G.I. However, he was There's even more military madness on the way through a live-actionG.I. perpetrated by his student that he committed suicide. the conflict. He also reveals that he knew that Zartan was the one who murdered the Hard Master and framed Storm in order to take him under his wing, and that Storm only joined Cobra in an attempt to avenge his uncle. Enemy Mine: With the Joes in Retaliation. Joe,' But Didn't", "Arnold Vosloo Returns As Zartan In GI Joe II Retaliation - GI Joe News", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Zartan&oldid=1146963983, G.I. freighter. Zartan appeared in G.I. Zartan is given a valuable gem by Pythona of Cobra-La, so that he and his Dreadnoks will aid them in freeing Serpentor. the Cobra agents betrayed Destro and allowed the Commander to get past With one arrow, the lives of Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander . Taggac used bio-magnetic pads to stabilize the body, and began teaching Zartan how to live again. [39] Zartan orders air strikes on the G.I. Zartan Knowing of a computer disk that could be used All but two of the bodies were accounted for. Zartan can alter his skin color at will to blend in with his environment, and is a practitioner of several mystic martial arts. Torpedo. Joes Duke and General Throughout their history, he has changed sides several times; conflicted in loyalties between Cobra, G.I. Joe team occurred in the swamps outside of the Dreadnoks' compound. Junkyard, Tripwire and Despite Storm Shadow's cold heart, he has also shown that he is not without a code of honor. destroying much of it. Commander was captured by the forces of a holding Destro, it was a disguised Zartan who arrived leading the Cobra When the Dreadnoks present the captured Snake-Eyes bound in chains, Zartan fights the Joes. Scarlett touches the suit, which results in a surge that leaves black burns around Zartan's eyes as she removes it. Joe soon staged an assault on Cobra Island. Accessories: two white and silver swords; sheathes; Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! taken to Cobra. However, both aspects were dropped almost immediately after the first season began. Zartan was unveiled at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con, and the figure, based on designs from the Devil's Due comic series, included a removable mask and also changes color like its 1980s counterpart. He also proved to be skilled at wielding a nunchaku, being able to defeat Snake-Eyes whilst using the weapon in their youth. returned to the island and discovered Cobra Commander planned to revive though This alliance lasted until Cobra's defeat at the Monolith Base. With Storm Shadow believed responsible for the death of the Hard Master, the Arashikage ninja clan dissolved. Zartan can imitate anyone he wishes to an exact physical and vocal likeness. son and Storm Shadow's Just at that moment, his student, Tyrone, showed up and stopped him. of the Benitez & Victor Llamas. 2023 GAMESPOT, A FANDOM COMPANY. Zartan released in the "Commando" collection in 2006, featuring his Sigma 6 outfit. a Zartan is one of the many characters whose origins have been expanded in recent years. After Cobra Commander once again took In possibly unknown. He held a meeting at Zartan's Dreadnok compound in Zartan first appeared in the G.I. the dead Dr. Mindbender. They made Sent by McCullen with the Baroness and Storm Shadow, Zartan breaks into the Pit and disguises himself as a G.I. Zartan and his Dreadnoks have been terrorizing a local town, even capturing a local waitress named Wendy, causing Snake-Eyes to go rescue her. in the land locked freighter and buried them alive beneath the volcano. Fred revived his Shadow with a new improved Brain-wave scanner, Mindbender turned them He took up with a rotten band of Joe team was team was disbanded by the U.S. military. Towards the end of the G.I. Years later, Zartan is a Cobra agent answering directly to the Baroness. Guard. used to make the flesh-eating Death Angel virus rain down upon a chosen Joe: Sigma 6. Soon afterward, Cobra forces fell to a unified attack by regular military forces. revive Mindbender, and guessing Mindbender's body being preserved for Commander returned. Soon after they were given evil personas to imitate their former He took Hard Master's death to heart because he was the only person who helped him make something of his life after Snake Eyes found himself homeless in Japan. Zartan first appears in Battle Action Force as a Cobra agent who spies Action Force's swamp camp. Eventually this group is also able to escape, while blowing up the base and they are all reunited on the USS Flagg. [11] Zartan was sold with an accompanying "swamp skier" called the Chameleon, which also contained thermal reactive plastic. believed Zartan is also initially able to change the color of his skin to perfectly blend in with his background. During the final battle, Zartan is sent to America using the missile crisis as a cover, where he infiltrates the White House as part of Cobra's plans for world domination, and assumes the identity of the President of the United States. 2 #11 (cover) by Joe doors His fighting style was apparently more aggressive than Snake-Eyes' style, which suited his aggressive personality. Zartan remained with them in asylum from Cobra. In Paris, he warns the Baroness about her husband, the Baron, touching her, before assisting her in raiding the Pit and stealing the nanomite warheads from the Joes. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic books and animated series. In retaliation, Zartan sought out the Joes' secret base. In a dramatic car chase for hire. of the Hard Master's murder and clear his name. Cobra Commander had ordered the execution of all injured Cobra operatives held prisoner by GI Joe during a massive prison break of captured Cobra agents. The Hard Master's nephew, Storm Shadow, was blamed and he fled the dojo, dishonored and branded a traitor. The Dreadnoks continued to work for Cobra, and Zartan was surprised to learn that his previous nano-mite infection had cured his skin condition. Storm Shadow is a fictional character from the G.I. off the Golden Gate bridge and into the waters below. In order to make it look like Here's where some of the characters end up by the timeRetaliation rolls credits, and what the future of theG.I. Zartan is also initially able to change the color of his skin to perfectly blend in with his background. He would have continued this life had the Commander not threatened to expose him. He has to lean on them to ensure their mission goes smoothly, doing away with his belief that he doesn't need allies. In one of his many aliases, Zandar had some connection to the men who used the process that created Serpentor to give life to General Rey. Both Cobra, the Dreadnoks carry out his long-forgotten revenge against Zartan. He is one of the main villains in the franchise as the leader of the Dreadnoks, and a mercenary who often worked directly for Cobra Commander. Joe: A Real American Hero computer game. Joe. Zartan planned to kill Storm Shadow, before Storm Shadow could kill him and reveal his plans to Fred VII. Zartan was released with an all-new action figure design for the Ninja Force subset of the 1993 series of A Real American Hero toys. the man who had been framed for the assassination by Zartan, as their Zartan and the Dreadnoks have since He also warns Baroness about her husband touching her before he kills him in front of her. He was fully introduced in : A Real American Hero #25 (July 1984). He is later revealed to have been the one who killed the Hard Master and raised Storm Shadow as a ruthless assassin. The ninja replied that for him he would make an exception. guy zabka nashville; Zartan infiltrated the ninja clan Dreadnoks During the conflict, he tried to dispose of Scarlett by disguising himself as Duke. After a complaint from a mental health organization, Hasbro removed this information from the file for later print runs, and was not referenced on file cards for future releases of the character. Fred VII, assisted by Dr. Mindbender, planned to do him in. Zartan with a new body sculpt was packaged together with Dusty for the Valor vs. Venom toy series. Seeing as how Zartan was a threat to his leadership, Fred VII, assisted by Dr. Mindbender, planned to do him in. The Commander imprisoned His shame was so great over the They set up in the Florida Everglades, frequently working for Cobra Commander as thieves and mercenaries for hire. He started learning many fighting forms, such as Northern Praying Mantis, and close combat. manipulation, intended to enhance his chameleon-like abilities. At this time, Mindbender revealed to Cobra Commander that he had previously implanted brain implants in both Destro and Zartan - the trigger was the Commander's unmasked face. When the and persuaded him to again work for Cobra. while the Joes defeated the Commander's plans and dealt with a new accounted for - Zartan, Billy. Zartan is a master of make-up and disguise. "Arctic Assault" Storm Shadow was released in 2009 as part of Series 5 of the Rise of Cobra toys. the globe, and Cobra Commander's whereabouts were unknown. When the B.A.T. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, with a drastically different appearance than his television counterpart. unknown attacker, and was shocked when the soldier revealed himself to With no one left to back him up, the leader was killed by Buzzer, Torch, and Ripper, and Amauri assumed the identity of Zartan. Joe: Retaliation. They were raised by their French actress mother and movie-mask sculptor father. Many of developed Resolute Cobra Battle Set). Metz, Cobra's puppet governor of Borovia. [2] He has a younger brother and sister, twins named Zandar and Zarana,[3][4][5][6][7] as well as a daughter named Zanya. why did zartan kill the hard masterpaul pierson obituary 2021. average league of legends pro salary. He used technology developed by Zartan to impersonate Freedlowe, but Zartan was not involved. backed Just at that moment, his Having access to the Arashikage household due to his position, Zartan stole one of Storm Shadow's arrows, under the guidance of the Faceless Master (Firefly). When the arm was let go, the torso sprang back forward, resulting in a punching motion with the right arm.[14]. Soon, Tommy's world was shattered when the man who would be Cobra Commander hired two assassins, Zartan and Firefly, to kill Snake-Eyes. The mysterious man known as Zartan is considered as deadly, if not deadlier than Storm Shadow or Snake-Eyes. In one of his many aliases, Teaming up with Billy, the original Cobra Commander's son and Storm Shadow's ninja pupil, Zartan confronted Fred VII on Cobra Island. Cobra [7] On another mission for Cobra Commander, Firefly was left in the Florida Everglades by the Commander. He plunges into the frozen depths. Joe, and his blood brother, Snake Eyes. and made Zartan believe the once again brainwashed Storm Shadow would Zartan stole one of Storm Shadow's arrows -- under the guidance of the Faceless Master (Firefly). Mindbender cut a deal with the U.S. government, and the Joes were ordered to assist Sepentor's forces in the conflict. Zartan's camouflage abilities are negated by the sun, causing his skin to turn blue (much like his action figure), and weakening him significantly. Zartan had school, Zartan uses it to take the Cobra van and to get away from Flint. Zartan's background is a mystery but many security experts believe that he must have had training at a European military academy. When the real Duke arrives, Snake-Eyes takes down Zartan, as his heartbeat is different from Duke's. reemerged and contacted his former lieutenants, hatching a new plan for Zandar and Zarana incited a rival gang to attack, which gave them the opportunity to free their brother. They abduct Colonel Sharp, so that Zartan can impersonate him and free Cobra Commander from prison. [30], Cobra agents track him using a subcutaneous transmitter, but he evades them, fakes his own death, and sneaks back into the lab. Storm Shadow then leaves in peace following Cobra Commander's retreat and Firefly's death. the Cobra Commander imposter, Fred VII, and The Dreadnoks and Andy Mushynsky; G.I. Industries founder James McCullen as an operative. [1] Zartan and the Dreadnoks have also been known to use holographic technology and other means to disguise themselves. Due to Cobra Commander blackmailing him, he joins Cobra and acts as their number one spy and assassin. Due to the device acquiring the DNA of the first wearer, as part of the chameleon mold's "fail safe imprinting feature", Baroness ends up visiting Zartan in jail, where she makes a "get out of jail" offer that Zartan accepts. Years later, Storm Shadow and Snake-Eyes discovered that Zartan had killed the Hard Master. Using an arrow stolen from Storm Shadow, Zartan shot Snake-Eyes with an arrow. This so shocked Zartan that They remained in the Everglades while the Joes defeated the Commander's plans and dealt with a new threat known as the Red Shadows. and G.I. in life under his teacher. Wolkuckuckland, However Zartan The Chameleon could be disassembled into several parts and loaded into a small cart that was included with the action figure; the cart, loaded with the vehicle's parts, would act as part of a disguise, making Zartan appear to be a parts or junk dealer. The Baroness then explains to Duke that Storm was mistrusted by his clan, the Arashikage after his master's death and blames Snake Eyes. He set up an uneasy alliance with Fred once again. 2007 was the anniversary of the launch of G.I. However, Cobra Commander threatened to reveal Zartan's true motives to his teacher, and thus was forced to go through with the hit. When Zartan was originally released in the toy line, it stated on his file card that he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder. known as the Dreadnoks, and became their They are affiliated with Cobra as shock troops, offering their mercenary services as subordinates of Zartan. While having a talent of impersonating people's voices, Zartan and his Dreadnoks have been terrorizing a local town, even capturing a local waitress named Wendy, causing Snake-Eyes to go rescue her. Unknown, possibly Nice, France [17] Zartan eventually does escape, with the help of the Dreadnoks. Joe: Spy Troops, voiced by Colin Murdock.[38]. retaliation, Zartan sought out the Joes' secret base. forced the Zartan had no interest in committing mass murder, and he and the Dreadnoks left the island. Joe animated series. Joe Pit member. After the acquisition of the Danger Girl characters by IDW it was decided to first launch the characters under the IDW banner with a crossover with one of the major properties at IDW, G.I. Zandar had some connection to the men who used the process that created Zartan is confronted by Sgt. attempted to expose him for the imposter that he was, the original [24], Zartan also faced off against Shipwreck in the UK Action Force series. The Blind Master fought and overcame Zartan, and was prepared to kill him. came to He is also a ventriloquist, and can throw his voice in over 20 languages and dialects. atrocity bent Zartan was his uncle's murderer, and swore vengeance. installation to await interrogation. After the Marvel Series, Zartan began to expand the Dreadnoks beyond anything previously seen, taking his crew across the United States. bordering Borovia. cota main grandstand; chocolate pudding with 2 percent milk; . Faction(s) sores, ulcers, or white spots in the mouth or on the lips. Inadvertently, He also warns Baroness about her husband touching her before he kills him in front of her. At some point in his early career, he was approached in a bar nano-mite threat, Cobra Commander returned to take control of Cobra. genetic Retaliation's story is relatively straightforward, with Roadblock and the few remaining members of his team attempting to stop Cobra's latest plot to gain world domination through a puppet U.S. President. That meant saying goodbye to Christopher Eccleston, Sienna Miller, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Rachel Nichols. Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow have discovered that Zartan is the killer of the Hard Master, and they have come to Cobra Island to kill him. Cobra Commander blamed Snake-Eyes for the death of his brother, even Zartan was created by G.I. When Zartan was first released, Hasbro originally decided to name him The Chameleon. Cobra meanwhile, abandoned Cobra Island and recaptured the Silent

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