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The pillar box is also good but it has been in two different locations, The Royal Cypher is Edward VII who reigned from 1901. 5 photos. Jackie is related to Janet Anne Graham and Georgee E Graham as well as 3 additional people. Felling, at latitude 54.950 N and longitude 1.564 W, lies less than 1 mile (1.6km) south and east of Gateshead town centre on a bed of carboniferous sandstone and clay, interspersed with coal measures laid down around 300 million years. Windy Nook, including its quarries, is dealt with in more detail, later on this page, William Foster was in the right place at the right time when he landed a contract to make bricks for the massive building programme of the Co-operative Wholesale Society at, . Sports & Recreation Venue. The accident occurred at the time of calling course, or when one set of men were relieving another. [46] The distance from Felling to London is 255 miles (410km). Shrewdly, he had acquired many allotments on the Gateshead Fell, A real gem in Heworth village, in addition to the, (New group of volunteers may lead to the rebirth of Felling Park), Let's get Pottery out of the way first. He became sheriff of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 1524, was mayor of Newcastle five times and was knighted by the Duke of Somerset at Mussleburgh. One of the oldest passenger stations in England, The Rev. Summary. There's also a sign for B. Leask. The positive aspect of this bar is that the staff is knowledgeable. Other leisure facilities include the Keelman's Way, a 14-mile designated cycle and walking route which stretches from Wylam station to Bill Quay and which passes along the riverbank at Felling Shore. Felling Cricket pitch, the Cemetery on Watermill Lane and the adjacent "dene" was Low Burn Quarry (aka Brown's Quarry) and the "Bankies", the big landscaped area off Sunderland Road to the right of the High Street (looking upwards) was Felling Quarry, Well down the street at High Heworth there was the Duke of Cumberland,(now on Sunderland Road) and the Ravensworth Arms, but known as Finnigan's and now named the Fiddlers Three, Hare and Hounds, Windy Nook. there's only a few houses clustered around the bottom of Split Crow Road, then called Sunderland Lane as that was the main route from Newcastle to Sunderland. [2] Two days later the decision was made to seal the colliery to starve the fire of oxygen. The town centre has seen massive investment over recent years, with the complete redevelopment of the main shopping centre and addition of a new Asda superstore, a Greggs bakery, Card Factory shop, Subway sandwich outlet and a local taxi business. It is now correctly spelled. The Brandling Junction Railway was commencedat The Felling. This was a more heavily industrialised village, containing Felling colliery, a large chemical works and other manufacturers,[25] though in 1834 it was noted that there also existed "a few neat houses and many cottages for the colliery which, with small gardens attached, give an aspect of comfort to the village". [103] Built in 1902 and designed Henry Miller, the Felling U.D.C surveyor, this is another ashlar and sandstone building in the Baroque style. See map. Road map. The Drive, Felling, Gateshead NE10 0PY. This is a rise of 0.90% in the last three months (since May 2018) and rise of 1.61% since 12 months ago. Only 52.4% of the total working age population are in employment, as compared to 61.7% in the borough overall. [115] In the area leading uphill from Sunderland Road to the park there are numerous bedding plants which "brighten up Sunderland Road every spring". There were several quarries with the largest being Kell's Quarry, providing sandstone and grindstone. [3] In 1331, the manor was granted to Sir Thomas Surtees by Bishop Lewis Beaumont, who passed it to his son Alexander and whose own son, Thomas, inherited the estate in 1400 when he was only 20 weeks old. Malting House (John Humble's Brewery) brewed on the premises. The living is a vicarage. [2] Two explosions rocked the colliery, the blast appearing in both pits. Its business hours for today (Saturday) are from 7:00 am until 10:00 pm. And what about Cat Nancy who killed cats and sold the meat as rabbit. Not very helpful to kids with their spelling. It provides the roots of my imagination. [148] The school closed in 2019. He was a cultured man, high born. Anthea continued: The people of the Felling have come through it all. [14][15] Encouraged by these developments, Ralph Brandling's son, Charles Brandling,[note 1] firstly commissioned more extensive mining of near-surface coal on his estate and then, encouraged by the discovery of several strata below his estate, began boring operations in 1758 to allow ultimately for deeper coal extraction. [29] This is one of the oldest passenger stations in the world.[30]. [28] Felling Colliery, the oldest and most extensive of all Felling's industry, had changed hands numerous times after the Brandlings finally sold their stake in the 1850s and ultimately closed in 1931 with the loss of 581 jobs. Folks referred to the Cinema as the Pally, The Palais and Imperial Cinema are now a Bookmakers shop and Bingo Hall respectively. Shortly after his departure the report of a gun was heard, and on the domestics proceeding to the stable they found the deceased lying dead, the contents of the gun having been discharged into his mouth, and shattered his head severely. Landmark & Historical . The actual phone box has changed but not its location so look out for the phone box on old photos. Jackie Felling said that player development would be the top priority for the league. Next three shops had J C . NE10 9DF. In 1834, when Heworth became a parish in its own right instead of a Chapelry attached to Jarrow parish,Matthew Plummer became the first Vicar of the Parish of Heworth. primary school, which also served Felling at Willow Drive but was closed down due to lack of pupils in the summer 2011 after 74 years of operation. top of page. [147] The latest inspection declared this to be a "satisfactory and improving" school where over 70% of students obtain 5 or more grade A* C in GCSE examinations and where those children from economically deprived backgrounds achieve better than similar children nationally. The deceased had been formerly a tailor in Newcastle, and had lost his wife only a short time previous. Albion converted to a house and The Wardley either not built then or had a different name), Thomas Dixon at Windy Nook had the Black House aka Crown and Thistle, the Engine House, the Coal Waggon and the Waggon. Historically part of County Durham, the town became part of the metropolitan borough of Gateshead in 1974. Pop., 5, 105. 1. On the left is Holly Villa, now divided into two properties. This lovely book, with its wealth of photographs and memories, and all those faces gazing at us from the past, will help me to convince them. [7][10] He died in 1641 and was succeeded by Charles Brandling, a cavalry colonel who also resided at both Felling and Alnwick. [138] Also a good school is The Drive Community primary school; a smaller than average school which achieves good results despite being located in an area of "considerable social disadvantage". Showing Walters, Furniture shop more clearly, Moving towards the bottom section the only bits now remaining are the shops on the top left with the gas light in front.. see the next pics to see another view as to how they are now and the distinctive dome of The Beeswing pub, Right down at the bottom on the right was Thomas Heslop's Pork Butcher shop. On the lines behind it there was the 1907, The flaming brand was the Brandlings crest, Why was Felling UDC's logo, carved into the very fabric of their building, incongruous? I'll study it further to see if I can determine what dictates the use of the "The" but here's an example of both in a sentence "The Felling is full of canny Felling folk". Jackie Graham. [28] The second is in central Felling in the town centre area around Victoria Square. [62] In 1902, the council moved to new administrative buildings at Sunderland Road, known thereafter as Felling Town Hall. Families can raise charitable donations in memory of their loved one with payments made directly to the charities. [2][16] A brown paper mill was also opened in 1798.[14]. As always you can unsubscribe at any time. JAKI GRAHAM. It is also slated to hold the event again in 2013; see. Despite winning three league titles in France and playing in the 1991 European Cup Final, the skilful winger is probably most remembered for missing England's fifth penalty in the semi-final of the 1990 World Cup. The bottom shop on the right is McGuiness and there is the word Dress and on the next shop up you can see the word Baby. [137] This is a good school where pupils perform consistently well at key stage two. [80][81] The Index of Multiple Deprivation, which divides England into 32,482 areas and measures quality of life to indicate deprivation, splits Felling into several areas and in 2010 listed North Felling, Old Fold, Sunderland Road and Falla Park in the top 10% of all deprived areas in England in 2012.[67]. Ninety-two were victim miners, the majority, fifty two, were also minors. Felling has had a number of famous sons and one of them, the author David Almond, has written the foreword. [116] Sunderland Road Park is at the western end of Sunderland Road approaching Gateshead town centre. The safety lamp was developed following the tragedy. Please note that your tribute will be handled in accordance with our, Happy heavenly birthday jackie no doubt you will be on a sesh by now, ya such a miss keep looking down on your darlings jackie lv y kid xxxx, Sorry not been on for a bit Jackie think of you always and keep looking over Manda and kids lv u kid xxx. Due to current restrictions A private family funeral will take place at Christ Church, Felling on Friday March 12th. This building is also on the Council's Local List, Named after Bee's Wing, foaled in 1833, this great mare (nicknamed the miner's friend) won the Newcastle Gold Cup 6 times, the Doncaster Gold Cup 4 times and the Ascot Gold Cup in 1842. [63] The urban council administered the Felling District until its final meeting, concluded with a rendition of the Hokey cokey, on 28 March 1974, when Felling was incorporated into the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead by the Local Government Act 1972.[64][65]. Heres the cypher that may be seen on a postbox and there are only about 100 of these still in existence in the Country (it's believed there's still one in Newcastle), Heres an example of the Edward VIII cypher on a building. See, on this pic, This is about the 1930's so the pillar box shown is probably the same Edward VII one, It's a good game, when looking at old pics of the High Street, to spot the bright red pillar box. from Newcastle libraries (flickr) 010336:Stone Axe Hammer Felling Gateshead. [129] Also at Felling Shore, at Green Lane, is Friar's Goose marina[130] and the adjacent Friar's Goose Water Sports Club, a privately owned and increasingly popular club predominantly attended by middle-aged patrons who undertake various activities such as sailing, yachting and angling on the River Tyne. The high street remains but it's looking forlorn. Click the link to see Wm. [12] At around 1750, a large copper-works was opened at the banks of the River Tyne; the first such works to be developed on the river. Corporate Resources Overview and Scrutiny Committee; Council; Housing, . 110,000 Knowing the purchase price means you can work out the total cost of buying the property.Read more about property price in our glossary page. [159][160] Now a "staple in secondary schools",[161] Skellig was adapted into film and opera in 2008. Christ Church, at Carlisle Street, is a Grade II listed building[108] built in 1866 by Austin and Johnson. [67] It is represented by three councillors. John Hodgson who investigated this Pit Disaster refused to state in his report this, or any other, potential cause. [99][100] The gates, gate piers and walls are also Grade II listed. See Photos. Two pubs on the same street named after race horses. We also may change the frequency you receive our emails from us in order to keep you up to date and give you the best relevant information possible. See Photos. the derivation of the place name The Felling. Felling is a town in the Metropolitan Borough of Gateshead in Tyne and Wear, England. Newcastle grindstones were World famous but they were Windy Nook grindstones just as most coals from Newcastle came from Gateshead/Felling. My first home was in long-gone mouse-infested Whites Buildings by Felling Square. The White Mare Pool Hotel, later the Dixielanders, was a listed building which, when being converted to the Green, they discovered that the foundations of the extension were defective and so pulled down the main building. And then, who was Nanny Figgy? It is normally used to refer to a person, place, or thing that is unique: "the Queen"; "the Mona Lisa"; "the Nile". [36] The earlier housing came at Stuart Street, Temple Street and Helmsdale Avenue in the form of Tyneside flats. Felling will be tasked with steering the LCS according to Riot Games' corporate vision. View on Map (0191) 447 1980; Social Links. Committee appointments. Families and friends can share via various social channels, one single share can go further than you think. Felling added that she would be working closely with Greeley over the coming months, and ease into her new role as the Commissioner before the LCS 2022 Summer Split kicks off. The iconic high street has gone forever..it was, in any case, ridiculously steep in its hay day for woman pushing bairns in push chairs and huge prams and time has moved on. However if you see a topic below that is of interest you can click the link, The Speed the Plough, The Brandling Arms, The Turf, the resited Duke of Cumberland, ( formerly up near the Fiddler's at Heworth Colliery and ran by Luke Morrison), Named after the 1857 Epsom Derby winner. St Patrick's RC Church (now a Listed building, as well as the Presbytery), opened on St Patrick's Day 17th March 1895.The scene islooking smarter nowadays. These compare unfavourably to borough averages of 76 and 81 years respectively. replaced in his pocket after committing the act. [35] The derailment, which saw all bar two carriages rolled over entirely, cost two passengers their lives, with eight more seriously hurt and a further 34 suffering minor injuries such as shock. [19] Some 29 men were saved, but the remaining 92 men and boys were killed. John passed away at Queen Elizabeth hospital Gateshead on 18/03/2023 aged 68 years, after a short battle with illness. I came across this on the internet."Annie Leask aged 32, along with Jack aged 4 and Catherine aged 1, arrived in America from Felling on Tyne in 1910". Interment will follow at Heworth Burn Cemetery. There were the big shops, Woolworths and Shepherds, local shops, Gallons grocery store, Ledune wood shop, McGuinness ladies clothes and there were two Sistersons, run by two brothers, one was a chemist and the other was a painter/decorator/wallpaper business. the posh houses, still there along Holly Hill. As soon as the explosion was heard, wives and children of the workmen ran to the pit. [136] Falla Park Community primary school on Falla Park Road is an average sized school where the number of pupils entitled to free school meals is well above the national average. 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