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Hi Keith - not expanding this series at the moment! I'll keep my fingers crossed and will love to learn about the backstory. Is this Kim Anderson from Girlschool video? Crazy marked the 11th No. Thank you Who is the blond backup dancer with the black and white skirt in Rick Astley's "Together Forever" video? Please, anybody Is Bunty Bailey the girl in Lou Reed's video "I Love You Suzanne"? I honestly don't want to say more as I was classmates, but that should help you find them. Hey Marc, I have a hard rock request for you. Awsume time consuming job. anyone knows whos the girl in video amanda by boston? She's a stylist who was very active in the Boston club scene. Please find the woman in the Peter Godwin "Images of Heaven" video. The girl In Electric Blue is Paris Jefferson if you didn't know yet. Thanks! This comment has been removed by the author. Cynthia Rhodes. Again; does ANYONE know who the following ladies are in these videos: 1-Scorpions 'Big City Nights' video, the raven-haired beauty playing pool. Heres one for you. Initially, Marx had written the song with a trio girl group in mind but easily transitioned it to fit the boy band. girl in Alphaville's "Big in Japan," the one who was made up like a geisha. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. I'm pretty sure it is Cynthia Rhodes. Jan 11, 2023. :). You can SMELL the '80s on that video! Found her on a couple of TV commercials but unnamed in those too. I think everyone knows Julianne aka the ex Mrs Springsteen. Marx and Vandross had already collaborated on several songs, first working on Every Year, Every Christmas, off Vandross 1995 holiday album, This is Christmas then again on the track Isnt There Someone, for his 1998 releaseI Know. anyone knows who was the girl in the video for the song "take me a little while"by Coverdale and Page? Could she have been from the UK? Marx's self-titled debut album went triple-platinum in 1987, and his first single, "Don't Mean Nothing", reached number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. I really want to know who the actors are in Bon Jovi "Living In Sin" video. I guess I was too lazy to look at the main page. Night Ranger, Sister Christian (1984) Annie Hubbard; Cinderella, Shake Me (1986) name unknown, Richard Marx, Shouldve Known Better (1987) name unknown. His first seven singles made the Top 4. So no one has identified the girl in Jessie's Girl? Some say Cassandra Delaney, and some say Paris Jefferson. This has sparked a new search for her identity and I figured this was as good a place as any to seek help. Golden State Theatre. 6 on the Adult Contemporary chart. Liquid Rock EXA - I would be so thrilled if you'd spread word any way you can! 20 Songs You Didnt Know Richard Marx Wrote for Other Artists, The Rolling Stones Docuseries Gets Release Date, Marks Bands 60th Anniversary, Watch: Roger Waters Performs Classic The Wall Medley on Colbert, Follow American Songwriter for More Breaking News, Behind the Iconic and Androgynous Horses Album Cover by Patti Smith, Meaning Behind Marvin Gayes Sensual Hit Lets Get It On, The Story Behind the Retracted Band Name Natalie Portmans Shaved Head, The 5 Best Eminem Guest VersesFrom The Notorious B.I.G. Kevin Mason. The girl in the Electric blue film clip is Cassandra Delaney, john denvers ex wife. I agree. Try and get in contact with Alexis Denisof-A young Wesley from angel if possible and ask him who the girl was in I got my mind set on you clip was with him? author speaker "Batman & Bill" character pop culture archaeologist he. Adult Contemporary chart. So Im never going to be somebody who is going to sit here and bullshit you and tell you that I think I know what a hit song is. You see the three I am looking for, plus also the woman/anyone from:"Jessie's Girl" (Rick Springfield)"Tell Her About It" (Billy Joel)"Centerfold" (J. Geils Band)All help appreciated! Rhodes roles included parts in Flashdance, Staying Alive and Dirty Dancing. The couple divorced in 2014, and Marx married actress Daisy Fuentes the next year. Richard Noel Marx (born September 16, 1963 in Chicago, Illinois) is a singer-songwriter best known for his adult contemporary music. Made a decision to leave her career to be a full-time mother. I seen a tweet about her shared the other day on Icehouse's facebook page It was still the heyday of metal, and Vixens self-titled debut featured their triumphant power ballad Edge of a Broken Heart, written by The Tubes Fee Waybill and Richard Marx, who also played keyboards on the track. Thanks! Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Rhodes began her show business career working at Opryland USA as a singer and dancer while attending Glencliff High School during the 1970s. 27 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. Who was the gorgeous brunette doing the steamy scenes with Chris Isaak in his 1988 video "Dont Make Me Dream About You"? piper909 - Your wish is granted:! Hello there I was wondering who is the dark haired girl featured in Dokken's Heaven Sent video. It's been fun, though :) Can't wait to see who else you find and read more! Release Date: 1987. !BTW here's a suggestion: the girl in George Harrison's "Got My Mind Set On You". Not that that's *your* fault, of course! I can't find any proof out there (isn't listed on her IMDb) and she looks very different in the movie (darker hair/ no makeup) - but she has a really distinctive profile and body language and I'd be shocked to find out it isn't her. Become a Facebook Fan - Follow on Twitter - Website - http://www.richardmarx.comStream the new album \"Limitless\" now - Listen to the new single Another One Down here:\"Should've Known Better\" was my second music video and was directed by Dominic Sena, who also did my first video for \"Don't Mean Nothing.\" The plot had me in love with a girl who was secretly married. Almost done with round 2 (launching in July) but added to the list for a possible round 3. you ever find out who teh blonde in the video is? I'd like to know who the blonde is in tony Carey,s "why me" mtv video. the same one who was the cartoon girl in "Take On Me" by A-ha (Bunty Bailey)..?? Any leads? tj maui - She's already covered in the series: But these girls-now-women are out there. Anyone know the identity of the blonde model? I recently saw the video for Pineapple Face (a song from that album) for the first time and there she was! No it isn't. She was in only one video which starred GW Bailey. He had a string of successful hit singles in the late 80 read more Similar Artists Peter Cetera 283,848 listeners Michael Bolton 582,482 listeners Mike & The Mechanics 485,036 listeners Mr. Mister 601,297 listeners By 1989, the song peaked at No. As a huge Cars fan, I too would love to read Susan Gallagher's account of starring in the "You Might Think" video. Thanks for the suggestion, Dagny, but not sure I follow. I know one of them was Jenna Elfman! I'm pretty sure it is Cynthia Rhodes. I have always been in love with one of the girls on the Damn Yankees video "Coming of Age". Janet is the great-great granddaughter and Margaret Olmsted Menendezs father said she is the great-great niece of Central Park designer Frederick Law Olmsted. Edge of a Broken Heart, Vixen (1988)Written by Richard Marx and Fee Waybill. Hopefully you get a lead Marc. The song also became a number-one hit on the Album Rock Tracks chart. She looks strikingly similar to a girl I went to school with (who was of Polish descent).I dont know if this was true, but I read that that version was the UK version. I guess Chris was fond of making videos with sexy women named Helena. The Black Eyed Peas shot the video for "Just Can't Get Enough" just a week before the 2011 earthquake in Japan. This AM on Vh1 they showed Loveryboy'a "Hot Girls In Love" videoanyone ask who that girl is and where she is now? Who is the blonde girl in the 38 Special video "Fantasy girl"? There was to a girl in the Jessie's Girl video. The only thing I could find was that she is Cajun. I had such a crush on her! Keep the leads coming! So much attention went to Helena Christianson for her turn with Isaak in the subsequent "Wicked Games" video, but I thought the dark-eyed beauty in DMMDAY was much sexier & the video more erotic. Vixen later released an acoustic version of the song on their 2018 Live Fire album. The song and album are dedicated to Vandross late father, Luther Vandross, Sr., who died following complications of diabetes when the singer was only 8 and would dance with him and his mother. A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs, Richard Marx married the actress Cynthia Rhodes in 1989 (they split in 2014), but he went through enough relationship drama before meeting her to trigger plenty of songs. -- Paul from Vientiane, Laos. ; ). Adult Contemporary chart. Awesome stuff. I love to know who the girls are in the Fabulous Thunderbirds video Tuff Enuff, especially the girl in the white shirt with cut off sleeves and red neckerchief. author speaker "Batman & Bill" character pop culture archaeologist he. Here is who hasn't remembered/had record of their names: the music video directors the producers the casting agents the record companies the fans the bands And I am not surprised. I only saw these recentlythank you so much for endeavoring to make these interviews! I conducted the interviews between January and July 2013. ?Thanks in advance,Phil, James Reyne, "Hammerhead" The girl in the video is quite possibly the hottest woman ever in in a music video. Does anyone know the name of the harmonica player on the "Wild Horses" video by Gino Vannelli? who is the girl in the music video of 'THE SEARCH IS OVER" by Survivor. Thanks, Sandra, but I was told that info is incorrect. The same one who was the cartoon girl in "Take On Me" by A-ha..?? No one can seem to find out who But I believe that Marx once said in an interview that the girl in question was someone that the director, Dominic Sena knew and hired her himself. And if you look a bit more they have definitly not the same nose. Can't be Emily Warfield in Should've known better. Once released, the song was a hit, reaching No. LANY, thanks for writing. Lighter hair than when she was on Melrose Beach, but def her!! . I can't wait to read these.Nice work on this. I am wrapping up a round 2 and have added your suggestion to the list for a possible round 3. So the mystery continues :(. The music is so easy for Keith and I to write together because we love the same kind of music and we are influenced by the same music, said Marx. Do you know how to reach her? How about the "other girl" from 38 Special's If I'd been the one video? Music Video. Will help u as I can to share your info about these missing ladies! But who is the girl who cheats with Julianne's unseen man? Listen to Should've Known Better by Richard Marx, 280,113 Shazams, featuring on '80s Love Song Essentials, and Pop Hits: 1988 Apple Music playlists. 1 on Billboard's Album Rock Tracks chart and No. [3], The song was aided by a popular MTV music video that featured Cynthia Rhodes, who would later become Marx's first wife. The "Addicted to Love" women I interviewed do not know this name. "Should've Known Better" is a hit song written, composed, and performed by American rock singer Richard Marx. Signy knew both Janet and JoAnn Willette. ;), Hi Claire,do you know who is the girl in the Lou Reed video called "I love you Suzanne"? "Should've Known Better" "Got My Mind Set on You" For months, all leads have turned to dead ends. She is nowhere to be found on the internet! Thanks Larry. Whos the leading lady in cinderellas video "nobodys fool"? Co-written with Richard Marx, Luther Vandross homage to his late father Dance with My Father is the title track off the R&B singers 2003 album. Who is the girl wearing the trenchcoat in the Outfield's "Say It Isn't So" video? I greatly appreciate it. This Is Us Star Chrissy Metz Officially Has a Country Music Record Deal. Richard Marx - Should've Known Better (Official Video) 4:11; Richard Marx - Should've Known Better (Rock Radio Version) 4:34; Richard Marx - Should Of Known Better (Widescreen) 4:08; Lists Add to List. John Lennon wrote "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill" about Richard Cooke, a hunter he met at the Maharishi's camp in India. OMG, incredible post !!!!! When A&R executive David Novik asked Richard Marx if he had a song for NSYNC, This I Promise You came to mind. Released as the second single off Kenny Rogers 16th album What About Me? Its a very personal song for Kenny, about his estrangement from one of his sons from his first marriage. I sent an e-mail to Marc telling him about her, and I hope he gets to talk to her at some point. Chrissy Metz - Should've Known Better. Hazard. The girl in the Chicago video Along Comes A Woman is Dorthy Mays. need to find this one out. Likeness yes, but not Daphne. She appears with actor Steve Antin. If You Ever Leave Me, Barbra Streisand and Vince Gill (1999)Written by Richard Marx and David Foster. But in one of those videos shes interviewed and says she grew up in Alabama and had some relevation in 1979 that led her to Bible study. In 2019, Marx also recorded his own version of To Where You Are on his acoustic album Stories to Tell. Still Holding Out for You, SHeDaisy (1999)Written by Richard Marx and Kristyn Osborn. Looks a lot like her though. Two other Eagles members, Randy Meisner and Timothy B. Schmit, sang background vocals on the song. [1] The single also peaked at number 20 on the U.S. The song reached No. Released in September 1987 as the second single from his debut solo album, "Should've Known Better" entered the U.S. (Shes the girl with dark hair.) Who is the red head girl in the video Tuff Enough? The pair previously teamed up to co-write Until the Day We Said Goodbye, off Ankas 1987 album Freedom. I'm guessing you've tried several avenues to find out this girls identity. Some sites have said Jamie Presley. The girl is Kim Anderson. She works as a taxi driver in the video. Did the Robert Palmer Girls use aliases? Become a member. Why would there not be a girl in the video? International Women's Day. Who's the girl in the "Electric blue" video by Icehouse and the girl on "Hungry eyes" by Eric Carmen, also, all the pretty girls in "Rhythm of love" by Scorpions. The woman in Africa is Jenny Douglas-McRae. I believe she still lives in Glen Burnie Maryland. Please confirm? What I love, is that Kenny says this song helped bring them together., Better Life, Keith Urban (2004)Written by Richard Marx and Keith Urban, Keith Urbans fourth album Be Here, produced three No. Contributors. This is the closest I've come to finding her, but still no dice! You should have known better, Ava Fabian. Lol. Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Rhodes began her show business career working at Opryland USA as a singer and dancer while . I think I knew, back in the '80s, but nope, Anybody know who is the girl at the end of this Climie Fisher video (Facts of Love)? She was on "Growing Pains" for a while.The guy flirting with her is Alexis Denisof of "Buffy" and "Angel"(Wesley Wyndam-Pryce ) fame. Could you please find the girl in Billy Ocean's "Get outta my head (into my car)" video? Update on Should've known better girl. This is so cool!! We love big hooks and great melodies. "Dead Skunk" became a stinker for Loudon when he felt pressure to make another hit - his latest songs deal with mortality, his son Rufus, and picking up poop. Could not find an exact match but lower lip may be off. Years before his successful run as a solo artist, Marx was already an established session musician, backing vocalist, and songwriter, working and collaborating with Kenny Rogers and longtime co-writer and co-producer David Foster, and continuing to write and produce music for Madonna, NSYNC, Vince Gill, Josh Groban, Luther Vandross, Kenny Loggins, Barbra Streisand, Keith Urban, and more throughout his 40-plus year career. The song was written about a girl I fell in love with at age 20, and ultimately broke my heart. Best set of legs ever! What About Me? Kenny Rogers (1984)Written by Richard Marx, Kenny Rogers, and David Foster. I STILL cannot believe no one knows who the raven-haired babe in Scorpions Big City Nights video is, playing pool. For the album, Foster called on Olivia Newton-John to single the song with him. Thank you! They are now asking $9 million for the. Who are the two women sitting in the car, in "The Search Is Over" video, by Survivor? You will be a crowdresearching pioneer. Black jean jacket and high school gym shorts. On October 18, 2020 Joey said "Who is the blonde in High Enough by Damn Yankees?" Between 1987 and 1994, he had 14 top 20 hits, including three . She appears in Adam Ant's "Goody Two Shoes" and she's very friendly and gracious, would probably be happy to be interviewed. I hold the guitar while CC devile comes from behind me and plays it while I hold it. Hey just found your site. Hello.very cool site that I never knew existed.Would you happen to know the name of the Main Actress/Model from the Video "Im' Leaving You" by Rock Band SCORPIONS.cannot seem to find anywhere.There are many women in the video but she is the main one and leader of the all-girl baseball team and has a stunning Close-Up toward the beginning of the Video. How about Caroline Munro, who is also a Bond Girl and noted "Scream Queen" actress and Hammer Horror alumna? Please email me at mtnobleman at gmail. You would think so Unknown; she looks like could be a more mature version.. Richard Marx: Should've Known Better: Directed by Dominic Sena. Jan. 13. Got My Mind Set on You, is that Jennifer Aniston before the nose job? Samantha. Thanks owlcowl. Bryan Adams, "Cut's Like A Knife" - always a favorite. As it happens, emailed "Come On Eileen" woman today for round 2. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Maybe somebody could help me I've been looking to see if Kim Anderson and girls school video by Britney Fox is still alive today 2021. See next Real research question: if you know the Annie Hubbard who was in 1984 Night Ranger video Sister Christian, pls contact @MarcTNobleman, Real research question: if you know the woman, Real research question: if you know womaneven just her namein 87 Richard Marx video Shouldve Known Better, pls contact @MarcTNobleman, oral history of superhero entertainment of my formative years, Huey Lewis and the News, Heart and Soul (1983) and I Want a New Drug (1984). She's the one that Adam Ant puts some makeup on.

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