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For more than 30 years, Tennis-Point has served as one of the world's premier tennis equipment suppliers. This is especially true when it comes to bounce spin and angle. Relative path diagrams accompany most of the demos below. Delays are only occasional and are typically no longer than one to two days. Someone just saved $26.82 off their order, a moment ago! Movie Screen 1 A ball incident at 90 degrees with no spin. You don't have any control over the incident ball parameters, except maybe choosing whether to hit the ball on the rise, top of the bounce, or on the descent. How soon after I return the demos do I have to order? Featured store brands include Nike, K-Swiss, and New Balance. save. You will receive an e-mail the minute they are shipped with a tracking number. Once the demos ship, you'll receive them in 2-4 business days. These are essential in understanding the direction and spin of the bounce. The mens, womens, and childrens apparel options available at Tennis Warehouse include T-shirts, shorts, and undergarments. Walmart caters to the budget end of the market, while the manufacturer's own websites offer detailed technical advice and options like customization. (Note: Use "double-arrow" movie controls for frame-by-frame play.). Movie Screen 18 This is the classic slice shot rising ball to the backward-tilted, descending racquet. Click "Mailing List" in the header menu to sign up. The motion of the incident ball's contact surface is to the right so a friction force (and resulting torque) acts to the left, slowing the ball, increasing the bounce angle, and generating topspin. So if memory of demos is off spec and the racket you get from them is also off spec thats off spec^2. Therefore the ball is pushed backward and the spin is decreased (though not reversed) to zero. Clothing and other tennis items are available for men, women, and children of all playing levels. In order to dissect the anatomy of spin, we have used various bounce surfaces court sections glued to wood planks, sandpaper taped to planks, and racquets performing simplified impacts. Enter your zip code while you're adding demos to your shopping cart to see your shipping charges, ranging from as little as $15.00 up to a maximum of $25.00, depending on location. 1. tennis racquets Spin generation is all about the relative motion between the contact surfaces of the ball and strings. Competition Schedule will be available for download 1 week before the commencement data of competition. Figure 8 Relative path diagram for Incident rising topspin, falling swing. Reach out to, You are viewing current coupons and discount promotions for May 2023. $199.00. The only cost you will incur is the UPS charge for shipping the demo racquet(s) to you and back to Tennis Warehouse. Figure 7 Relative path diagram for Incident rising topspin, rising swing. In addition to adding 5 grams to the target weight, the 2021 Radical Pro gets a new mold along with a thinner beam . Put the demos in the original box, affix the enclosed return address label, and drop the box off at one of the thousands of conveniently located manned UPS locations (Go to to find the location nearest to you.) Most players know that you get more spin if you swing faster and steeper. Hats, visors, and sunglasses provide additional protection from the elements while playing outdoors. ), Movie Screen 3 A counter-clockwise spinning ball incident at 90 degrees will bounce to the left (in the direction of spin) with less spin. Fast and simple. We may earn a commission when you use one of our coupons/links to Specializing in stability and controllable power, this 11.7 ounce racquet is ideal for strong intermediates and advanced players. The rebound spin will be determined by the combined contact velocity (vc) of the ball's linear speed parallel to the surface plus the rotational velocity of the incident spin. Receive this 20% discount from Tennis Warehouse when you shop with code, Apply this coupon code at checkout for up to a 5% discount on your order, Enter this coupon code at checkout and get a $25 discount on your order, Enjoy 25% Discount When You Use Promo Code, Get up to a 5% discount on your order. Maybe no racquet has average specs? To reach Customer Service, call 800.883.6647 or send an email to Head makes big changes to the Graphene 360+ Radical Pro the heaviest member of the Radical family. This is what you would see if you dropped a ball on the floor of a speeding train. You should check any coupon or promo code of interest on the ft., we offer a comprehensive selection and fast shipping of tennis supplies that few retailers can match. Customer Reviews. use coupon code: 10% off at tw: use coupon code + this link: Free 2 day shipping on orders of $75 or more, The most popular items Tennis Warehouse sells are: Here we will often refer to the spin direction as upward or downward on the strings. Our demo racquets are strung with manufacturer recommended string. Figure 3 Relative path diagram for incident 90 degrees topspin, falling surface. Balance point spec with or without strings. This rebound is as you might expect. *Price comparisons are based on the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP") or Original Selling Price. Copyright 2009 - 2023 NextGen Shopping, LLC. However, the bounce result can be predicted in terms of the relative speed of the ball and the racquet. When you buy a NEW racket within 3 weeks after demoing*. The only cost you will incur is the UPS charge for shipping the demo racquet(s) to you and back to Tennis Warehouse. Out-going spin is in the same counter-clockwise direction as the incident spin and has increased. Figure 10 Relative path diagram for incident rising topspin, forward-tilted rising swing. Tennis Warehouse stocks and ships items from well-known manufacturers of clothes, shoes, tennis racquets, and more. There's so many different variables/choices! In order for all of our customers to have a chance to demo our racquets, it is important that they are returned to us on time. Up to 80% Off Women's Apparel. If you're more than 7 days late and we are unable to reach you, we will charge your credit card for the full price of the racquets, minus whats already been accrued in late fees. You will receive a reminder e-mail prior to the return date. RacquetGuys - The RacquetGuys Online Demo Program allows you to test up to three rackets for up to 5 days at a cost of $15 per demo. That means that the spin reversed direction during contact. But not everyone knows why the results can be so different from situation to situation, from opponent to opponent, and from court to court. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. Ongoing. Avg. 6 were here. Figure 9 Relative path diagram for incident rising topspin, forward-tilted flat swing. Video 6 shows an a ball incident from left to right without spin onto a stationary surface and then bouncing to the right with spin. When the sum of the downward ball speed and the upward spin speed are equal but opposite directions, vc will be zero. #2. ghostly3, The $25 off is supposed to be a one time reimbursement of the demo shipping charge. The relative speed of the ball and the surface, in the horizontal direction, is zero. This thread is archived. (Note: Use "double-arrow" movie controls for frame-by-frame play.). Tennis Warehouse Demo ProgramNot sure what racquet to buy next?! The manufacturer tolerances have always been bad at non Yonex brands. Prince Hydrogen Spark 280g. And we expect backspin if the racquet is swinging downward and tilted backward. Local branches. prior to being shipped out, demo orders are not guaranteed to ship in the same time frame as new product purchases. This relative path diagram in Figure 1 shows the non-spinning ball falling and bouncing along the same path with no horizontal motion to the surface. 4 comments. . We deliver demo rackets to 21 countries in the EU, and best of all, you only pay for shipping! The quickness and open pattern offer accessible spin for first and second serves alike. The company carries full lines of tennis equipment, accessories, shoes, and apparel for men, women, and children. We deliver demo rackets to 21 countries in the EU, and best of all, you only pay for shipping! The program is available anywhere in the continental United States. Now it is easier visualize what the bounce will look like and why. Sign Up to Receive the Latest News & Promotions. These will give us a contextual baseline for when we graduate to more complicated bounces off moving surfaces and swinging racquets. Movie Screen 17 Particularly due to the tilt, the relative incident path is at a large angle from the perpendicular to the racquet face. New. It is possible that diagraming your opponents' shots could give you clues as to what shots to best use against them. Enter this coupon code at checkout. The incident ball is effectively rising to the racquet as can be seen by watching it "ascend" past the white lines on the board. Visit us at 10771 Westpark Drive, Houston TX 77042. stringing specifications for demo racquets. For more about this website, and its current promotions connect with them on Twitter @TennisWarehouse, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram. 86% Upvoted. *Some restrictions apply. But because the ball is falling much faster than the surface and the spin is in the same direction, the vc is downward and the friction upward. Unsatisfactory items fall under the 365-day return policy, meaning they can be returned for any reason within one year of the purchase date. You can get top, back, and no spin from all swing trajectories. When they put products on their list, the company will alert them if they go down in price. District Age Group Table-Tennis, Badminton, Tennis, Swimming Competition and Athletic Meet. Tennis Warehouse is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, Calif., and has been operating since 1992. (Note: Use "double-arrow" movie controls for frame-by-frame play.). Core Composition: XEva. Additional contact details can be found at the "Customer Service" page. Our local Houston customers may take advantage of our online demo service or swing by our store to demo up to four racquets for 3 days for $5 each or a week for $10 each. 1. You can also find great deals on tennis ball sets. Enjoy $25 Off Purchases At Tenniswarehouse. When will I receive my demos and how long can I keep them? (Note: Use "double-arrow" movie controls for frame-by-frame play.). JavaScript is disabled. Select 1 - 3 demo racquets from the brands above. Click to . Movie Screen 13 The ball is hit at the top of the bounce so the incident ball path is almost horizontal. Any order from the site totaling over $75 is eligible for free shipping. The result depends on the net sum of all incident ball speed, angle, and spin and racquet speed, angle, and tilt. Prospectus will be available for download 1 week before the date of enrolment. And they burned through a lot of racquets. The ball is therefore moving faster upward across the strings than the spin is moving down.

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