The Micro module for cw to Femtosecond Machining (MiFeM) is an innovative and affordable fiber coupled laser system based on high brightness internally grating-stabilized tapered laser diodes (GTLD) combined by polarization and/or spectrally into one high power beam.

It is to be seen from the targeted results that this project aims at a combination of strong optical output power, high beam quality, optimized thermal management and best possible compactness of a laser light source. Due to the high scientific-technologic complexity, this objective is not yet realized, as far as we know, by any other competing candidates. Especially in respect of the subsequent mass production, for that the mature industrial proceedings are necessary. In the frame of this project, BFB is responsible for the development of the automated production processes for the laser light sources, the MiFeMs. Considering the fact that the production of the MiFeMs will occur with the automated machines in BFB, it is important to verify if the designs of the laser modules can be realized with the automates, or if the special components such as the module bracket of ceramic, the module housing as well as the optics for coupling can be handled with these industry-oriented equipment just like the experiment results showed in laboratory. This abovementioned high scientific-technologic complexity of the MiFeM presents BFB a new particular challenge, since in addition to the technical requirements the efficiency and the needed time of the production processes should also be taken into consideration. An extended effort of programming by BFB is assumed.