AL 500 AA

The assembly machine AL 500 is capable of completely automatically placement and fixing optical elements for the assembly of complex optical Systems. The automatic pick & place routine grants movement in six axes with a precision below one micrometer. Cameras precisely capture the structure from three different sides and measure all geometric dimensions, which enables the software to determine the systems position and calculate movement parameters for all axes on its own. Due to In-situ-measurements of a variety of beam parameters, e.g. divergence, optical power, spectral distribution, polarization and others, a more precise adjustment for all optical elements is possible. The control software can use these parameters for optimization. The individual parts are fastened with UV-hardening adhesive, which is applied completely automatically. Warping during hardening is prevented by active tracking. With this equipment BFB can assemble a wide range of optical systems fast, precisely and in an economical fashion.
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