About us

Brilliance Fab Berlin GmbH (BFB) was founded in Adlershof in May 2013 within the framework of a co-operation between Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Berlin (FBH) and the chinese enterprise Sino Nitride Semiconductor CO., LTD (SNS). The spin-off BFB aims at making the FBHs semiconductor laser modules an export bestseller on the global market. FBHs semiconductor technology is potentially to be implemented into leading products on the markets for display utilization, monitoring and ensuring food quality and automotive lighting. For these purposes, BFB advances FBHs research findings to direct industrial applications. An essential field of work of BFB is to integrate laser diodes with optical elements into extremely compact modules. The technology for such laser modules will be initially developed and subsequently transferred into industrial products on BFBs location Berlin. Another mainstay of our company is the distribution of high-quality chinese products primarily in the field of optoelectronics throughout Europe. The high-quality LED-lights are an important component in this business line. On the other hand, we export the High-Tech goods in the same field from Germany to China.